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"Every era has its everyman, and ours is Kevin Costner. He seemed to be a fairly new and unexperienced actor, arriving at a rather later age, with minor experience. Yet, he proved successful. His stardom started in the mid-eighties when he swept women off their feet in several blockbusters. From there his stardom seemed to take off.

His first stop was in 1987's, "The Untouchables", and it was only a short time thereafter before his next blockbuster, 1988's "Bull Durham". Again, following a one-year routine, he surprised us in 1989's "Field Of Dreams", and again, in 1990, with "Dances With Wolves".

Afterwards, now a widely renowned superstar, Costner made women swoon in "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves". A short break gave him just enough time to reenergize and the public just enough time to start missing him again. So in 1996, Costner reappeared as golf pro in "Tin Cup". A few more films here and there and Costner's covered just about every role possible. However, 1999 's, "For The Love Of The Game", brings Costner back to the game of baseball and once again a heartwarming performance is delivered.

Kevin Costner is currently married to, Christine Baumgartner, his second wife (whom he married in 2004).

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