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Gary Cooper, SuperStar –

Cooper in HIGH NOON.

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Gary Cooper
Super Star & Best Actor Winner

Tall, lean, and slow speaking, Gary Cooper had a great, long career. His defining role was as SERGEANT YORK. Notable films include FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, PRIDE OF THE YANKEES, BALL OF FIRE, and HIGH NOON.

Cooper won two Best Actor Oscars: SERGEANT YORK (1941) & HIGH NOON (1952).

Speaking of his popularity, Gary Cooper once said, "Until I came along, all the leading men were handsome, but luckily they wrote a lot of stories about the fellow next door."

Gary Cooper won two Best Actor Oscars and he received a Special Academy Award in 1960, for his many years of memorable screen performances.

cooperGary Cooper 1941 Best Actor

SERGEANT YORK (War Biography)

Gary Cooper received his first Oscar for playing the deeply religious Tennessee farmer who became the famous American hero of World War One who captured 132 Germans.

Gary Cooper 1952 Best Actor

HIGH NOON (Western)

Cooper received his second Oscar for playing the small town sheriff who faces four killers alone.

About Gary Cooper (1901 - 1961)

Gary Cooper was born in Helena, Montana, whose real name was Frank J. Cooper. His father was English. He went to school at Dunstable in England and Iowa College in Grinnell, IA. A teacher in the theater department at the college recorded of Cooper, "shows no promise." After many years of hard work, he became the #1 box office star in 1953 and was nominated for 3 Academy Awards and won 3 more. As a youth, he actually worked on his father's ranch. He also was a guide in Yellowstone Park for several seasons.

He started his entertainment career, as an extra, for a year. He soon became a popular star of Westerns, performing in over 20 of them. In the 1952 movie, HIGH NOON, Gary Cooper plays Marshall Will Kane, in the old West confronting a dangerous enemy, with Grace Kelley. Cooper won an Oscar for his performance.

He played the lead in two Earnest Hemingway stories, A FAREWELL TO ARMS (1932), the story of two lovers, an ambulance driver and a nurse, during World War I. He played Robert Jordan, an American on a mission to blow up a bridge, in FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (1943), another love story set during the Spanish Civil War, with Ingrid Bergen. Gary Cooper was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance.

Gary Cooper played with Barbara Stanwyck in MEET JOHN DOE in 1941, the story of a newspaper fraud that started a political movement, with Cooper playing an imposter and Stanwyck playing the reporter. Also in 1941, he won an Oscar for his portrayal of the title role in SERGEANT YORK, the story of a backwoods sharpshooter in World War 1.

In 1956, he played in the William Wilier movie, FRIENDLY PERSUASION, as the dad of a Quaker family caught up in the Civil War.

Gary Cooper also was awarded an Honorary Oscar for his many memorable screen roles in 1961.

Contrary to his screen image as a strong, silent, wholesome guy, he was a libertine, reputed to have had affairs with Clara Bow, Carole Lombard, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich, plus Cecil Beaton also claimed to have had a love affair with him. All while he was married to Sandra Shaw from 1933 to his death, although they separated for three years after his affair with Patricia Neal. In spite of the fact that he was always thin, he had an enormous appetite, and ate huge quantities of eggs, steaks, chops, bacon and bread.

In 1939, the Treasury Department announced he was the top U.S. wage earner at just under half a million dollars!

Gary Cooper won a special Academy Award in 1960 "for his many memorable screen performances and for the international recognition he, as an individual, has gained for the film industry".

In addition, Gary Cooper received nominations for his work in:


Gary Cooper's film credits include:

1925Dick Turpin
1925The Trail Rider
1925The Thundering Herd
1925Riders of the Purple Sage
1925Drug Store Cowboy
1925Wild Horse Mesa
1925The Lucky Horseshoe
1925The Vanishing American
1925The Eagle
1925Warrior Gap
1925North Star
1926Three Pals
1926The Enchanted Hill
1926The Johnstown Flood
1926A Six Shootin' Romance
1926Watch Your Wife
1926Thundering Speed
1926The Winning of Barbara Worth
1927Children of Divorce
1927Arizona Bound
1927The Last Outlaw
1928Beau Sabreur
1928The Legion of the Condemned
1928Half a Bride
1928Lilac Time
1928The First Kiss
1928The Shopworn Angel
1929Wolf Song
1929The Virginian
1930Only the Brave
1930Paramount on Parade
1930The Texan
1930Seven Days' Leave
1930A Man from Wyoming
1930The Spoilers
1931Fighting Caravans
1931City Streets
1931I Take This Woman
1931His Woman
1932Make Me a Star
1932Devil and the Deep
1932If I Had a Million
1932A Farewell to Arms
1933Today We Live
1933One Sunday Afternoon
1933Design for Living
1933Alice in Wonderland
1934Operator 13
1934Now and Forever
1935The Wedding Night
1935The Lives of a Bengal Lancer
1935Peter Ibbetson
1936Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
1936Hollywood Boulevard
1936The General Died at Dawn
1936The Plainsman
1937Souls at Sea
1938The Adventures of Marco Polo
1938Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
1938The Cowboy and the Lady
1939Beau Geste
1939The Real Glory
1940The Westerner
1940North West Mounted Police
1941Meet John Doe
1941Sergeant York
1941Ball of Fire
1942The Pride of the Yankees
1943For Whom the Bell Tolls
1944The Story of Dr. Wassell
1944Casanova Brown
1945Along Came Jones
1945Saratoga Trunk
1946Cloak and Dagger
1947Variety Girl
1948Good Sam
1949The Fountainhead
1949It's a Great Feeling
1949Task Force
1950Bright Leaf
1951You're in the Navy Now
1951It's a Big Country
1951Distant Drums
1952High Noon
1952Springfield Rifle
1953Return to Paradise
1953Blowing Wild
1953Boum sur Paris
1954Garden of Evil
1954Vera Cruz
1955The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell
1956Friendly Persuasion
1957Love in the Afternoon
1958Ten North Frederick
1958Man of the West
1959The Hanging Tree
1959Alias Jesse James
1959They Came to Cordura
1959The Wreck of the Mary Deare
1961The Naked Edge

Gary Cooper's television credits include:

1953Toast of the Town
1955The Ed Sullivan Show
1957The Ed Sullivan Show
1958Wide Wide World
1958The Jack Benny Program
1959The Perry Como Show
1959What's My Line?
1961Project 20: The Real West


Gary Cooper in SERGEANT YORK (1941)