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errol-flynn "He was a bit of a sarcastic devil, was Errol, but it was done with such charm and sense of mischief that he was always forgiven."
- Stewart Granger.

This charming man of good looks and comedic wit seemed to have come out of nowhere. However this Tasmanian native had been doing a lot in his homeland before making it big in Hollywood. Previous to his career Flynn dabbled in being a slave trader, a sailor, a gold hunter, and a journalist. He was much like that of his infamous character Robin Hood; he robbed from his own life to give to the silver screen.

Flynn portrayed his characters so well because he was essentially just like them. However his life was cut much too short by a combination of scandal, drugs, and alcohol; he died at the age of 50, in 1959. Some of his best contributions were 1935's "Captain Blood", "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938), "The Dawn Patrol" (1938), "They Died With Their Boots On" (1941), and 1942's magnificent "Gentleman Jim".

Perhaps it is with this last quote that we see the true passion and turmoil of Flynn's character both off and on the screen. When asked where he was going, he replied," To hell or to glory. It depends upon your point of view."

Errol Flynn
Flynn with Barbara Stanwyck
in "Cry Wolf".


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Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn with Bette Davis

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