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Catherine Zeta Jones, SuperStar
& Award Winner

Zeta-Jones in CHICAGO.


Catherine Zeta-Jones, Best Supporting Actress 2002:

Catherine Zeta-Jones Catherine Zeta Jones

CHICAGO (Musical)

Catherine Zeta-Jones won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her marvelous performance as a Chicago nightclub's rising star, Velma Kelly, who awaits trial on murderers' row for a crime of passion. Luckily she has a slimy, slick lawyer, known for turning notorious defendants into local legends. Things go awry when another young actress winds up on the same cell block with the same slimy lawyer, also accused of a crime of passion!

About Catherine Zeta Jones (1969 – )

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, in the UK, the daughter of candy factory manager, Welshman Dai Jones and an Irish mother Pat Jones. She grew up in the village town of Mumbles, located along the coast of Wales. Catherine Zeta-Jones was the middle child between an older brother, development executive David Jones and a younger brother, Lyndon Jones, who is now involved with Catherine's present production company.

Catherine's singing and dancing talent emerged early and she achieved local stardom before she was 10 years old! She had the opportunity to perform in productions organized by a Catholic congregation in the area, which sponsored an acting troupe.

Catherine's ability and talent soon won her the roles in the stage plays ANNIE , BUGSY MALONE and THE PAJAMA GAME. Her big break on the stage happened when as the second understudy she got the chance to perform as the lead in the British revival of 42ND STREET. She did so well that the producer let her continue to be the lead throughout the run of the play. She was 15 years old!

Her popularity as an actress grew throughout the United Kingdom in the early 1990's because of her performance in the hugely popular TV comedy/drama series, THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY. This success was a springboard into playing supporting actress gigs in film.

In 1996, she landed the part of the spirited Elena in the film, MASK OF ZORRO, holding her own against Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins, which really gained her notice outside of the United Kingdom. She found herself being hired to perform in big budget films, such as ENTRAPMENT, THE HAUNTING and TRAFFIC, a film for which many believe she should've been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Catherine Zeta-Jones married Michael Douglas on November 18th, 2000, shortly after giving birth to their son. They had a second child together, a daughter, born on April 20th, 2003.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' film credits include:

1001 Nights1990
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery1992
Splitting Heirs1993
Blue Juice1995
The Phantom1996
The Mask of Zorro1998
The Haunting1999
High Fidelity2000
America's Sweethearts2001
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas2003
Intolerable Cruelty2003
The Terminal2004
Ocean's Twelve2004
The Legend of Zorro2005
No Reservations2007
Death Defying Acts2007
The Rebound2009
Lay the Favorite2012
Rock of Ages2012
Playing for Keeps2012
Broken City2013
Side Effects2013
Red 22013
Dad's Army2016

Catherine Zeta-Jones' television credits include:

Out of the Blue1991
The Darling Buds of May1991–93
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles1992
The Return of the Native1994
The Cinder Path1994
Catherine the Great1995
Feud: Bette and Joan2017
Cocaine Godmother2018


Zeta-Jones in CHICAGO.

Catherine Zeta-Jones





Catherine Zeta Jones in THE HAUNTING.

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine Zeta-Jones in OCEAN'S TWELVE (2004).

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine Zeta-Jones in THE LEGEND OF ZORRO (2005).

Catherine Zeta Jones Quotes...

“There are a lot of women who live with pot-bellied pigs.”

“I'd love to do a show in Vegas with drag queens. The tackier the better.”

“[So can her husband cook?] No ... But he's really good at making dinner reservations.”

“I like to feel sexy. I know my husband thinks I'm sexy. I think he is too. But I don't go out half-naked with 'sex' written across my back.”

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