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Billy Crystal - Mr. Saturday Night

Billy Crystal became a TV star from his 1984-85 season on "Saturday Night Live", best known for his infamous Fernando Lamas impression, "You look mahhhhvelous!"

crystalBilly Crystal's early films include: RABBIT TEST, THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN, and MEMORIES OF ME. A giant hit for Crystal was WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, co-starring with Meg Ryan.

He is defined by his portrayal of an advertising man, Mitch suffering from a mid-life crisis and finds peace on a cattle drive, in the film, CITY SLICKERS. Billy Crystal's other notable films include: FORGET PARIS, HAMET, FATHER'S DAY, DECONSTRUCTING HARRY, MY GIANT and ANALYZE THIS.

Billy Crystal won three Emmys for hosting the Academy Awards.

His newest credits include AMERICA'S SWEETHEART, MONSTERS INC, ANALYZE THAT and Crystal also reprised his role (sort of) of Mike Wazowski in the closing credits of Disney/Pixar's CARS.