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Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Abbott & Costello at their very best with both horror and humor: When freight handlers Chick Young and Wilbur Grey run into the remains of Dracula and Frankenstein's monster, they're surprised to find that the remains are still alive, sort of. While Dracula pontificates on ways to re-energize his monster's new brain, Larry Talbot makes his way from London in an attempt to stop the villainous monster. Meanwhile, the beautiful Dr. Sandra Mornay finds herself pulled into the plot after a quick interlude with Dracula. Chick and Talbot set out in search of the wily villains, hoping to stop them before the full moon rises and complications ensue upon the arrival of one Wolfman, with Dracula and Frankenstein adding to the chaos!

Directed by Charles Barton.

(Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura may be the only "Pet Detective" out there. So, when the Miami Dolphins' mascot and their star quarterback Dan Marino go missing, its up to Ace Ventura to retrieve the covetous treasure before the next game. In the meantime, Ace goes up against killer sharks, precarious she-man officials, and many a lady. But, if there's anyone able to find a missing dolphin, its Ace!


The Addams Family

Meet the Addams Family. They're weird, they're strange, they're eclectic, and did we mention they're weird? Living in a rundown Victorian mansion, they're straight out of a macabre cartoon, spending their wealth lavishly and eccentrically. But when a crooked accountant and his loan shark decide to get in on the Addams family's fortune, they employ their son to pose as their long-lost, beloved Uncle Fester. Will the goon find the Addams vault before he's exposed?

Director Barry Sonnenfeld's "The Addams Family" is a fun, elaborate, oddly entertaining comedy.

(Comedy, Fantasy)

After the Thin Man

After solving "The Thin Man" Case, Nick and Nora Charles (and Asta) return home to their San Francisco home for New Years, where yet another murder mystery and a forgery scam falls into their laps, a case that involves someone dear in Nora's family.

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)


What do you do when you're thousands of feet in the air, and at the mercy of an ex-pilot trying to woo his ex-girlfriend back into his arms? You sit and wait it out. With a potential romantic comedy on the horizon, the passengers of this wacky-fated plane await the loony outcome of their final destination. Meanwhile people are getting sick and there's a disparity between pilots, i.e. the ex-pilot or the "blow-up pilot doll"? With non-stop flashbacks, one-liners, hilarious cameos, and wacky events; Airplane! just might be the craziest movie you'll ever see!

Directed by: Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker. Written by: Jim Abrahams, David, and Jerry Zucker.


Another Thin Man

It was supposed to be a quiet little weekend getaway for the Charles family. But when Nora's father's former business partner, Colonel Burr MacFay suddenly pleads their urgent attendance to his Long Island estate it seems that once again Nick Charles will have to put his vacation on hiatus and get to sleuthing. The crime? The murder of Colonel Burr MacFay. The motive? Millions of dollars.

(Comedy, Mystery, Drama)

Analyze This

Ben Sobol, M.D. is a family therapist, with a mundane practice, and about to be married for the second time. His professional practice suddenly becomes a high adventure, and his family problems seem small after a powerful member of another kind of New York family, Mob Boss Paul Vitti puts him on 24 hour call to help him with his panic attacks.

Directed by Harold Ramis. The screenplay was written by Peter Tolan, Harold Ramis, and Kenneth Lonergan, based on story by Peter Tolan and Kenneth Lonergan.

(Comedy, Crime)


"Anchorman" is a satirical parody on the misogynistic world of the broadcast stations in the 1970's. With SNL's Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate leading the way as anchorman and woman Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone respectively, "Anchorman" explores the 'trials and tribulations' of San Diego's beloved anchorman Ron Burgundy after the ambivalent Corningstone dares to set foot in the Channel 4 news station. From there on out its all business, sexual jokes, and satire!

Written by: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

Directed by: Adam McKay.


Animal House

It was the Deltas against the rules — the rules lost!

A Classic College Comedy: When the Dean of Faber College enlists the help of Dean Wormer to remove the disreputable, disruptive, dysfunctional Delta Frat house off campus, the Deltas rebel, giving Wormer and the Dean one comical run for their money. As tension mounts, many a prank ensues, mounting to the climax involving the notorious Homecoming festivals for which Delta promises the Homecoming Parade to end all parades... only Belushi could pull off such a belovedly outrageous bad boy character!

Writing credits: Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney, and Chris Miller. Directed by John Landis.


Another Stakeout

Duo Chris and Bill are sent to survey an alleged witness to a current Mafia trial. Since the stakeout locale, however, is a vacation resort home to a prestigious judge, Chris and Bill are also to watched by Gina, and her pet Rottweiler, who do a great job of complicating their professional duties, and annoying their personal, childish lifestyle even more than they had hoped.

Director John Badham's "Another Stakeout" is a fun, clever, top notch followup to "Stakeout."

(Action, Comedy, Crime)

Austin Powers

Director Jay Roach's "Austin Powers" is a fun, ribald comedy-adventure '60s spy spoof, which gets its chuckles from a satirical look at such spy classics as the James Bond movies. The talented comedian Mike Myers portrays both the swinging, '60s era Austin Powers, whose behavior is patterned after the character, James Bond, and the really bad guy, Dr. Evil, his nemesis. Dr. Evil is a humorous portrayal of the dastardly villains in spy yarns which lurk, and cause huge woes for the world and spies like James Bond.

Director Jay Roach's "Austin Powers" is a fun, comedy-adventure '60s spy spoof.

(Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi)


When a little runt pig, with a sincerely good heart, is won by a farmer at a country fair, he enters a big hard world of farm life. While trying to find his place in this new world, he discovers, with the help of the sheep, sheep dogs, and the farmer that a little pig can accomplish great things, even being a sheep pig!

(Comedy, Drama, Family)


A fatal car crash means Barbara and Adam Maitland are now the latest ghostly residents of their beautiful New England home. But when the yuppie Deetz family decides to move in, the unsuspecting Maitlands are only too disturbed, literally. Too shy to scare away the unwanted residents, the Maitlands implore the help of none other than the notorious "Beetlejuice," for help on re-claiming what they deem rightfully theirs.

(Comedy, Fantasy)

Being There

A sophisticated comedy about politics in Washington DC.

When a simple gardener, Chance, is put out on the streets upon the death of his "landlord," his only knowledge of the world comes from what he's learned from the television. A serendipitous run-in with a limousine, however, lands him in the company of a young woman and her shrewd, businessman husband, Ben. Under the name of Chauncey Garner, Chance quickly befriends the couple, becoming an unlikely political insider to the husband in the process.

Directed by Hal Ashby.

Executive Producer: Jack Schwartzman. Produced by: Andrew Braunsberg.

(Comedy, Drama)

Blazing Saddles

This classic Western satire features a town full of Johnsons looking to strike it rich ala the booming railroad industry. Meanwhile, bad guy, Hedley Lemar, sends in his henchmen to stir up trouble. Upon the death of the local sheriff, in walks the "first ever" black sheriff of the West. But Sheriff Bart will have a hard time winning the support of his Anglo-Western town, especially while Lemar is still around.

(Comedy, Western)

Born Yesterday

Harry Brock is a reckless tycoon descending upon Washington D.C. to purchase a congressman or two. Along for the ride is his ex-showgirl mistress, Billie Dawn. Hoping to make her more presentable among the public of the nation's capital, Brock hires newspaperman Paul Verrall to soften Billie's rough-around-the-edges demeanor. But, Harry gets more than he bargains for when Verrall becomes more than just a tutor to Billie, but a potential lover as well.

(Comedy, Drama, Romance)


Set in current Hollywood, Bobby Bowfinger is your typical low-budget actor-producer-director who recently comes across a script he believes is a sure-fire hit. But, when no one wants to buy the script, its up to a famous producer to save Bowfinger's career, albeit under one condition: Hollywood's current "It" girl, Kit Ramsey needs to star in it. When Kit refuses, Bowfinger decides to take on the script himself. Hiring a beautiful actress from Ohio whose diva attitude is a far cry from what Bowfinger prepared himself to deal with. Throw in some complications with producing studios, and a burger-flipping goon, and you have yourself one hilarious adventure en route to a wannabe sci-fi that may star Kit without his actually even being aware of it.


The Breakfast Club

Five completely different teenagers from different social groups find themselves serving Saturday detention together, which results in life-changing realizations about themselves that change their lives.

(Comedy, Drama)

Cat Ballou

In this tongue-in-cheek Western parody, narrated through a song by Nat "King" Cole and Stubby Kaye, tells the tale of dastardly, greedy railroad folks, trying to use murder of a rancher to snatch the family farm, but have a formidable foe in the rancher's daughter, school teacher Cat Ballou, with the help of boozehound Kid Shelleen.

Lee Marvin received his Acting Oscar for playing the good, but drunk, gunfighter and his evil twin gunfighter.

Directed by Elliot Silverstein.

(Comedy, Western)

Chicken Run

On a 1950s Yorkshire Tweedy Egg Chicken farm, run by the evil Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, Ginger the chicken tries in vain to come up with an escape plan for the chickens before they all become chicken meat when they eventually stop laying eggs. Luckily, a flying rooster, Rocky, lands in their compound and a plan or two is hatched to help the chickens to fly out of their confinement, which faces lots of obstacles.

Voice talent include: Phil Daniels, Lynn Ferguson, Mel Gibson, Tony Haygarth, Jane Horrocks, Miranda Richardson, Julia Sawalha, Timothy Spall, Imelda Staunton, and Benjamin Whitrow.

Directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park. Screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick.

(Animation, Family, Comedy)

Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" is a hilarious comedic telling of the tragic yet comical reality of the juxtaposition of holidays and humans, more specifically, family. As the in-laws, immediate family, grandparents, and cousins etc. gather at the Griswold home for what Clark Griswold is determined to make the most memorable Christmas vacation of their life, it is only a matter of time before things begin to go very, very wrong. Let the jolly mayhem of Christmas ensue!

Directed by: Jeremiah S. Chechik.



Six people, given assumed names by their mysterious party host, are invited to a dinner party at Hill House, under the hospitality of Wadsworth, the Butler. Mr. Body is revealed by Wadsworth to be the one who has been blackmailing them all. When Mr. Body is shot in the dark, the six guests soon find themselves embroiled in an escalating multiple murder mystery where they must find the murderer, or risk being the next victim before the police arrive.

Directed by: Jonathan Lynn. Screenplay by: John Landis and Jonathan Lynn, based on the CLUE board game by Anthony E. Pratt.

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)


This clever adaptation of Jane Austen's masterpiece, Emma, takes place in Beverly Hills instead of Regency, England. After finding success as a matchmaker for two of her teachers, a popular Beverly Hills High School student, Cher, supported by her best friend, Dionne befriend a clueless transfer student, Tai, hoping to transform her into not only a popular girl, but find her a proper boyfriend as well. Cher experiences humorous consequences and confusing results, leaving her clueless about her own love life and overall purpose to help others.

(Comedy, Romance)

City Slickers

Middle-aged radio ads salesman Mitch and friends Ed and Phil discover that the way to solve their recent bout with mid-life crisis syndrome is to celebrate their birthday in style á la the Wild West. In charge of driving cattle from New Mexico to Colorado, meeting cowboy Curly along the way who not only teaches them how to corral cattle properly, but also gives them a taste of the real Western lifestyle the boys are so avidly in search of — or are they?

Directed by Ron Underwood.

(Comedy, Western)

The Court Jester

When the rightful heir to the England throne — marked by the pimpernel birthmark - is usurped by the evil King Roderick, the Black Fox is sent to restore the babe's rightful place as future King of England. In need of the key to the King's secret tunnel, the Fox goes in search of the covetous treasure while Hawkins is left in charge of changing the King's diapers, and Maid Jean is charged as guardian of the traveling quartet. Along the way, however, they meet the King's new Court Jester, the quartet devises a plan that has Hawkins traveling in the guise of Giacomo: "the king of jesters and jester to the King."

Written, produced and directed by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank.

(Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy)

Crocodile Dundee

When New York news reporter, Sue, travels to Australia to meet and interview her top story, crocodile hunter Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee, she finds herself unexpectedly immersed in the midst of safari madness, including near-death run-ins with crocodiles, poachers, etc. With nothing but her survival skills and a hunky 'Mick' to save her, Sue somehow makes it out alive and invites the 'Crocodile' man back to New York for a little taste of the urban jungle.

(Adventure, Comedy)


When President Bill Mitchell decides he needs to be in two places at once, he hires Dave Kovic — a dead-ringer look alike- to stand — in for him while he escapes to have a fling with one of his aides. Unfortunately, in the midst of his sexual liaison, President Mitchell suffers a stroke, leaving Dave in the sticky situation of indefinitely playing the Presidential imposter under the close guidance of the nefarious Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander. But Alexander has an ulterior motive involving a plot to usurp "Dave" and attain the presidency for himself, putting the lovable Dave in one compromising situation after another in this endearing political comedy.

Director Ivan Reitman, with "Dave," delivers a fun, heart warming, life-affirming comedy.

(Comedy, Romance)

Doctor Strangelove

Director Stanley Kubrick's brilliant dark comedy is just as relevant today as when it first came out. Kubrick received a nomination for best directing.

(Black Comedy, War)

Mrs. Doubtfire

When Daniel Hillard finds himself unemployed and struggling to keep his personal life in order, his wife asks for a divorce. At the hearing, Daniel is heartbroken when he discovers the judge denies him custody of the kids. In an attempt to stay close to his kids, however, Daniels pulls off one of the most memorable gags in 20th-century comedy, dressing up as the beloved nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire. As Daniel tends for his children under the guise of an old lady, both the children, and Daniel's ex-wife, grow to love the gregarious housekeeper, leading to inevitable complications as Daniel struggles to keep his act undisclosed.

Director Chris Columbus' "Mrs. Doubtfire" is a fun, family-friendly comedy classic.

(Comedy, Drama, Family)

Duck Soup

Through a gifted satirical point of view, "Duck Soup" tells the hilarious adventures of the president/dictator of penniless Freedonia, Rufus T. Firefly and company, who starts a war on neighboring Sylvania when he finds out that his rival, Ambassador Trentino of Sylvania wants his demise, the land of Freedonia and Mrs. Teasdale's government — saving money.

Screenplay by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, who also composed the original music.

Directed by Leo McCarey.

(Comedy, Musical, War)

Dumb and Dumber

Harry and Lloyd are quite possibly the dumbest human beings on the planet. Making rent as a limo driver, Lloyd finds himself smitten, and thus morally obligated of course, to return a brief case beautiful woman "accidentally" drops on the way to the airport. Unaware of the current political predicament Mary is currently in, the two men foolishly claim the suitcase and set out to Aspen, Colorado to return her lost treasure. But when Lloyd and Harry discover the inner contents of the case before arriving in Aspen, will their good hearts rule out their, perhaps, more human emotion: greed? As Harry and Lloyd battle their inner conscience, many a gangster, local official, and others are in hot pursuit of this "dumb and dumber" duo and their covetous briefcase.

Director Peter Farrelly's DUMB AND DUMBER is a hilarious, if sometimes EXTREMELY crude, comedy laugh fest.


Ellie Parker

This adept reality-TV-esque black comedy is a powerful satire on the seedy, wacky, psychotic underpinnings of glamorous Los Angeles and the Hollywood film industry. Following the many a breakdown and breakthroughs of aspiring young ingénue Ellie Parker, one witnesses the inevitable character reductive transformation one goes as they attempt to break into Hollywood.

Written and directed by: Scott Coffey.

(Black Comedy, Drama)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

When class clown Ferris Bueller decides to take the day off of school, he bring along his girlfriend and best bud Cameron for a ride in none other than Cameron's father's Ferrari. But, before Bueller's adventures can begin, and there are plenty of them in the film, he must first get Sloane and Cameron out of class, which means getting past the suspiciously cynical Principal Ed Rooney. Dying to nail Bueller for just one of his interminable antics, Rooney resolves to finally bust him for something; Bueller's sister Jeanie also wants to nail Ferris for being the parents' favorite. In the meantime, however, it's just Ferris, Sloane, Cameron, and a wild day in the city in one of the hottest cars ever made, that is, until it's stolen, there's a tire blow out, and the odometer doesn't read the correct mileage! Looks like Ferris may have some explaining to do...


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

"The 40-Year-Old Virgin" tells the hilarious tale of one man's plight of still harboring the label virgin at forty years of age. Working a mundane job at an electric company as a stock man, Andy awaits the woman of his dreams to walk through the doors and make the stress of his virgin state a thing of the past. When the homely yet attractive Trish from the 'We Sell Your Stuff on Ebay' store, Trish, things begin to look up for the lonely Andy and his insecure status with manhood.

Written by: Judd Apatow and Steve Carell.

Directed by: Judd Apatow.

(Comedy, Romance)

Foul Play

This romantic comedy set within the film genre of a Hitchcock-style suspense mystery, tells the adventures of librarian Gloria Mundy, who finds love in an unexpected place, while being chased by some rather scary folks. They are all after a microfilm cassette hidden in a cigarette pack that was given to her without her knowledge, by a hitch-hiking undercover cop, who later dies in her arms at the movie theatre.

Written and directed by Colin Higgins.

(Comedy, Mystery, Thriller)

The Full Monty

Set in Sheffield, England; the "City of Steel," when two recently unemployed friends discover the glitzy life of male entertainment, they decide that perhaps, they're in the wrong industry after all. Though they don't exactly have the physique, or the dancing skills for that matter, the friends go about hiring four more "viable" candidates for their Chippendale-inspired act. Hoping to "up the ante" on the act, however, the men promise a show not to be missed, which includes the highly anticipated "full monty," leaving audiences wondering: what exactly is a "full monty" and can these six, inept British boys really pull "it" off on the night of their big debut?

Directed by Peter Cattaneo.

Nominated for four Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Musical Comedy Score).

(Comedy, Drama, Music)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Pseudolus isn't exactly a very good "slave" — wishing to buy his freedom from his master, he devises a plan that involves slave-dealer Lycus, a young virgin, and, of course, his master. Knowing his master to be in cahoots with the young mistress, Pseudolus decides to bargain for his freedom in exchange for procuring the girl for his master. Though the plan sounds simple enough, it is anything but cleanly executed in this classic comedy...

Director Richard Lester's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" is a delightful, hysterical, historical comedy.

(Comedy, Musical)

The Great Race

Dedicated to Laurel and Hardy, Blake Edwards' The Great Race is an old school, wacky-slapstick transcontinental road race which takes place in 1920. "The Great" Leslie convinces a group of innovative automakers that a race from New York to Paris will skyrocket automobile sales. Of course, Leslie's nemesis, "Professor Fate," promises to beat Leslie at his own game. Hilarity ensues as the various competitors compete in the long trek, trying to gain the advantage, sometimes using whatever means possible, not always in the best spirit of competition.

(Action, Adventure, Comedy)


Calling themselves "parapsychologists", a trio of scientists set up shop in a deserted firehouse as the official New York Ghostbusters. Claiming to exorcise and trap pesky ghosts, for a small fee of course, the trio goes to town purging New York of pesky poltergeists. Gaining an eclectic prestige, the "Ghostbusters" work their way to their biggest case yet, which involves a gateway to another dimension, a relentless evil spirit, and one giant Marshmallow Man.

Producer/director Ivan Reitman's GHOSTBUSTERS is a wildly entertaining off-beat comic effort.

(Comedy, Fantasy)

Grosse Pointe Blank

Tells the story of Martin Blank, a 28 year old hit man, becoming more and more unhappy with his work, decides to "go home again" to not only complete an assigned job there, but also attend his 10 year high school reunion, on the advice of his all-knowing secretary. Upon arriving home, he finds himself putting off doing the assigned job. Instead he is drawn almost against his will into rekindling a romance with an old high school flame. However, consequences of his line of work follow him home. In-between romance, and opportunities for self-growth, he dodges attempts on his own life from hit men competitors, another hit man hired by one of Blank's unhappy clients, and the scrutiny of two federal agents waiting to kill him after he completes his assigned job.

Directed by: George Armitage. Story by: Tom Jankiewicz. Screenplay written by: Tom Jankiewicz, and John Cusack, Steve Pink, and D.V. DeVincentis.

(Comedy, Crime, Romance)

Harold and Maude

Harold is a spoiled, rich 20-something boy filled with typical aristocratic ennui. With an eclectic penchant for funerals, Harold spends his days living out macabre fantasies, including trying to commit suicide in front of his mother and his three potential wives. Upon meeting the intriguing Maude, however, Harold's life forever changes. A 79 year-old woman with a zest for life, Maude shows Harold all there is to love about life, including her. This unique couple will forever challenge onscreen romance as Hollywood has come to define it!

Director Hal Ashby's "Harold and Maude" is a classic, black comedy about love, life, and death.

(Black Comedy, Romance)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Wayne Szalinski is the All-American nutty scientist who is recently working on a top-secret machine that will allegedly miniaturize objects. Though he has difficulty getting the machine to cooperate at first, when his children accidentally stumble upon their father's creation, they suddenly find themselves the first guinea pigs of Szalinski's creation; doomed to wander the jungles of their backyard lawn, many a battle with giant ants and other backyard bugs ensues in this crazy comedy.

Director Joe Johnston's "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" is a fun, FX-filled Sci-Fi comedy romp.

(Adventure, Comedy, Family)

Hot Shots! Part Deux

This hilarious satirical parody tells the adventures of the ultimate manly man Topper Harley and his squad, as they covertly travel into Iraq to rescue war prisoners and their previous rescue teams from the clutches of a dictator. Much to the delight of the viewer, a clever script pokes fun at not only the Rambo series, but other classic movies and TV shows.

Directed by Jim Abrahams.

(Action, Comedy)

I Heart Huckabees

"I Heart Huckabees" follows the trials and tribulations of uncanny environmental coalition leader Albert Markovski and his attempts to solve his repeatedly non-coincidental run-ins with an overly tall African American man. Hiring two existential detectives Jaffe and Jaffe, Albert and his other, Tommy Corn, set out to find the truth and bring down Huckabees' corporate employee Brad Stand.

Written by: David O'Russell and Jeff Baena.

Directed by: David O'Russell.


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Stanley Kramer strikes a gem with this "mad" comedy about convict Smiley Grogan, who, after release from a very long prison sentence, ventures to a California park where he allegedly his $350,000 from a job long past. En route, however, he accidentally careens off a cliff with four witnesses to testify. As the onlookers rush to help him, his dying words hint at a buried treasure, sending the four witnesses on a mad dash to hoard the cash for one's own!

Director Stanley Kramer's "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" is a wild, frequently funny, epic comedy.

(Action, Adventure, Comedy)


When an art dealer quickly meets and marries her "Mr. Right" mystery man, she heads to North Carolina a few months later to stop by and say "hi" to her new in-laws in hopes that she can try and snag a local artist for her business along the way. But once in the South, the refines 'city girl' learns a thing or two about family ties and country livin'.

Directed by: Phil Morrison. Written by: Angus MacLachlan.

(Comedy, Drama)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

This brilliant Shane Black comedy features an average Joe-Schmo who accidentally stumbles upon the Hollywood lifestyle. While training to play a PI for his upcoming role, Harry Lockhart finds himself suddenly involved in a real-life crime case. Gallivanting around the backwoods of Hollywood, Harry Lockhart does his best to snag his longtime love while keeping the skin on his back and his fingers on his hands. Many a laugh will ensue.

Written by: Brett Halliday (novel) and Shane Black (screenplay). Directed by: Shane Black.

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)

Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events

"Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events" brings to life Handler's contemporary yet acutely Victorian influenced novels made famous in recent years. This Gothic Fantasy brings us the trials and tribulations of the Baudelaire orphans Klaus, Violet, and Sunny, after their mother and father were killed in a devastating fire that burned down the family estate, leaving them entrusted to their greedy relative, the nefarious Count Olaf.

Directed by: Brad Silberling. Written by: Daniels Handler (books) and Robert Gordon (screenplay).

(Adventure, Comedy, Family)

Love and Death

This Woody Allen philosophic comedy features Napoleon on the verge on invading the Russian Empire, forcing Russian nobody, Boris Grishenko, to enlist in the army to save his country. Accidentally capturing a group of enemy officers, Boris becomes somewhat of a hero. Still, the French army is too strong, and when Napoleon reaches Moscow, Boris decides to put an end to the war. Meanwhile, his young wife wants in on the action, hoping to kill Napoleon before the Russian army gets a hold of him.

(Comedy, War)

Manhattan Murder Mystery

This humorous who-done-it begins with an untimely death of one of Carol and Larry Lipton's neighbors, Lillian House. Paul House, the supposedly grieving husband, begins acting in ways which tells a different story. His odd behavior inspires an amateur sleuthing adventure, initiated by a daring, determined Carol Lipton, against the better judgement of her husband, Larry, who first thinks Carol is imagining things. Carol turns to their mutual friend, Ted, who has always been supportive of her interests, as well as being interested in her. To keep his marriage intact, Larry introduces his client, Marsha to Ted and the situation, and gets on board as a reluctant Dr. Watson, becoming involved as well in Carol's investigation. The suspenseful twists, turns and hilarity begins!

Written by Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman. Directed by Woody Allen.

(Comedy, Mystery)

The Mask

Stanley Ipkiss is your average, everyday geek (read: loser): incredibly nice, but always taken advantage of at every turn, that is, until he discovers an ancient Norse mask that possesses magic powers, enabling him to transform into a debonaire, cavalier mask-clad Rico Suave. When the beautiful Tina Carlyle enters his life, Stanley decides to shake things up, wooing her in the process. But Tina's thuggish boyfriend, Dorian, is anything but humored, and, envying Ipkiss's masked-powers, resolves upon acquiring the mask for himself; if Dorian succeeds, however, it could spell trouble for a lot of people. Meanwhile, the debonaire Masked-man may be big with the ladies, but he's got the police force all up in a fit over his recent decision to rob a bank - no doubt as a form of payback for taking advantage of poor little Ipkiss. This gut-busting comedy is sure to entertain.

Director Charles Russell's "The Mask" is a wild, wacky, high-energy comic romp.

(Comedy, Fantasy)


Before the long-running hit TV series, there was director Robert Altman's riotous 1970 farce, set in Korea as a stand-in for Vietnam. Brilliant ensemble acting is Altman's forte, and MASH is no exception to that fact. Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould, Robert Duvall, and Sally "This isn't a hospital, this is an insane asylum" Kellerman lead the excellent cast.

Director Robert Altman's, "MASH" is a vivid, dark comedy which has stood up well over the years. Altman received a nomination for best directing.

MASH was nominated for the Best Picture award.

(Comedy, War, Drama)

Matchstick Men

Roy and Frank are small-time con-artists about to take on a big-time job that involves the participation of grift veteran Roy's newfound fourteen year-old daughter Angela. With Roy being an obsessive-compulsive agoraphobic it is imperative that he continue taking his 'pills' so as to keep his anxiety attacks under control, particularly with his reckless new daughter strewing evidence of her presence all over Roy's life. As Roy and Angela develop a long-lost bond, he introduces her to the art of con, setting himself up for the biggest con yet.

Directed by: Ridley Scott.

(Comedy, Crime, Drama)

Meet the Parents

Jewish male nurse Greg Focker and Pam Byrnes are madly in love and Greg plans a romantic way to ask her. Just before Greg asks Pam to marry him, he inadvertently learns that it is expected that he, Greg, must make a weekend visit to meet her parents, her family, and ask her strict father, Jack Byrnes a retired florist, (who is really a CIA interrogator), for Pam's hand in marriage. Everything that can go wrong, does.

Directed by: Jay Roach. Screenplay by: Jim Herzfeld and John Hamburg, based on the screenplay by Greg Glienna and Mary Ruth Clarke.


Midnight Run

Former Chicago cop turned bounty hunter Jack Walsh is sent to retrieve former Mob accountant Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas, who recently jumped bail. Though the FBI have been hot on his trail for awhile, Mardukas has evaded their attempts to recapture him. However, as Walsh closes in on Mardukas, Mardukas is forced to flee cross-country to L.A., where, once there, in a twist of events, he actually befriends Walsh, complicating the FBI's and rival bounty hunter, Marvin's ulterior plans.

Directed by Martin Brest. Written by George Gallo.

(Action, Comedy, Crime)

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

Woody Allen's take on "A Midsummer's Night Dream" is a sensual comedic rendezvous amidst the backdrop of serene summertime countryside. Isolated amidst the flourishing flora and fauna of a summertime countryside the film presupposes a light modernistic gentle satire on "urbanites and civility". The film constructs the many blunders and revelations of sexuality when three couples hiatus in the countryside heat. As in Shakespeare's comedy, mismatched loves ensue, and unrequited love comes back to complicate things in this tell-tale Woody Allen film that marks its spot amongst romantic comedies with its innumerable one-liners and trite, albeit uncannily apt "truisms".


Monty Python and the Holy Grail

A classical satiric comedy featuring King Arthur's outrageous quest for the Holy Grail. As he and his infamous Knights of the Round Table set out in search of the legendary land of Camelot, they travel via the sound of coconut's clacking (to emulate the sound of horse's hooves of course!). After a brief comic interlude, the men decide not to stay at Camelot. Instead, upon the arrival of God's message to go in search of the Holy Grail, the men set out on a crazy, comical quest for one of history's most coveted treasures. Along the way, their adventures run them into killer rabbits, the infamous "Bridge of Death," and, of course... the French!

Directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones.

(Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy)

My Favorite Year

When an alcohol-loving, woman chasing, declining matinee idol, Alan Swann, is booked to be a guest on King Kaiser's Comedy Cavalcade, life becomes difficult for freshman writer Benji Stone as he is assigned to baby-sit Swann and make sure he shows up, or else Stone will be looking for work.


My Fellow Americans

Two former presidents from opposing platforms, Kramer and Douglas, suddenly find themselves reluctant allies when suddenly framed as in a scandal involving current U.S. President Haney. As the two set on a cross-country adventure in an attempt to uncover the truth behind the cover-up, they are suddenly put face-to-face with the realities of just how much their political policies affect the citizens of this country.

Director Peter Segal's "My Fellow Americans" is a great comedy dealing with American politics and dirty tricks.

(Adventure, Comedy)

A Night at the Opera

This Marx Bros. comedy features two lovers who are equally enamored with the art that is Opera. One is a failed operatic tenor whose unrequited love is kept snuff until he can win the role in the recent play. In typical Marx Brothers fashion, several comical interludes ensue, allowing the tenor to take center stage and give his two loves one last chance.

Director Sam Wood's "Night at the Opera" is one of the best of the zany Marx brothers outings.

(Comedy, Music, Musical)

The Nutty Professor

Sherman Klump is your typical good guy: charming, witty, funny, good-hearted, and, of course, comically obese. Currently on the verge of a scientific breakthrough with a recent DNA reconstruction project, Professor Klump's life is forever changed when the new and beautiful addition to his University faculty, Carla, concedes to Klump that she is one of his biggest fans. Completely enamored, Klump decides to test his project on himself in hopes that he can be transformed into a thinner, more viable candidate for Carla. But the results produce anything but the same good lovin' Klump. Instead, in Klump's wake is the vivaciously over-the-top, lecherous Buddy Love whose Rico Suave moves complicate things more than just a little in this modern-day "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" romantic comedy.

Director Tom Shadyac's THE NUTTY PROFESSOR is a fun, funny, film fantasy.

(Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This 1930s southern odyssey adventure tells the tale of three petty criminal convicts, Everett, Pete and Delmar who escape from their Mississippi chain gang, to seek a supposed treasure that Everett buried in a valley, scheduled to be flooded by the new state dam. They face both good and bad delays, distracting, sometimes dangerous temptations and some nasty foes along the way to their personal discovery of true, life changing treasure, more valuable than any stolen heist money.

(Comedy, Crime, Music)

The Odd Couple

When Felix Unger breaks up with his wife, he finds himself depressed and on the verge of suicide. Saved by his friend, Oscar Madison, however, Oscar urges Felix o to move-in, at least until he can get himself back on his feet again. But can the two antithetical personas really cohabitate and stay sane in the process?

Screenplay by Neil Simon — based on his play.

Produced by Howard Koch. Directed by Gene Saks.

(Comedy, Romance)

Operation Petticoat

During World War 2 in the South Pacific, a sub load of problems confront Commander Matt Sherman when he is assigned to command a real fixer upper of a damaged submarine, and is challenged with not only trying to fix his ailing submarine but also faces supply problems, a devious supply officer, who is one step ahead of the military police, and winds up with unexpected guests of the female persuasion.

(Comedy, Romance, War)

Paper Moon

Based on Joe David Brown's novel, "Addie Pray" (1971), "Paper Moon" is a tale of Moses Pray and Addie Loggins. Set during the American depression in the Midwest, when the young Addie attends her mother's funeral, she soon discovers herself taken in by her Aunt in St. Joseph, Missouri. Meanwhile, Kansas Bible Company rep Moses Pray enters the picture as a local scam artist appearing under the guise of a "traveling preacher." Quickly, however, Addie teams up with the con artist, and together, the two travel from town to town, copping cons and rolling in the doe as a father-daughter scam artist duo. But when a carnival dancer by the name of "Miss Trixie Delight," and her minion, Imogene, enter the picture, things start to get a whole lot more interesting for Moses and Addie and their wildly reckless adventures.

Director Peter Bogdanovich's PAPER MOON is a nearly perfect movie entertainment.

(Comedy, Crime, Drama)


The Buckman family attempts to raise their children the best they can; enduring all the trappings that come along with “parenthood” in the meantime. Meanwhile, estranged relatives, notorious trouble makers and eccentrics, and of course, dark secrets from the past come out in the dynamics of raising two rebellious teenagers in modern day America.

(Comedy, Drama)

The Philadelphia Story

A rich, society woman, Tracy Lord, as she prepares for her second marriage, is slowly made aware of her callousness, through various hilarious, if squirmy situations with the men in her life; her father, her ex-husband, her fiancee, and her new interest.

Six nominations, two Oscar wins (Best Actor and Adapted Screenplay).

(Comedy, Romance)

Pillow Talk

An amorous playboy song writer, and a proper lady interior decorator, who hate each other because of having to share a party line phone, find love and romance, despite the songwriter's original motivations.

Director Michael Gordon's "Pillow Talk" is fun, frothy, romantic comedy entertainment.

(Comedy, Romance)

The Pink Panther

"The Pink Panther" is the first of what would become a series of great Crime Comedies featuring infamous British actor Peter Sellers as the hilariously bumbling inspector Jacques Clouseau who is on the hunt for the notorious gem thief, the “Phantom” who is recently on the search for the largest diamond in the world: the pink panther. A series of hilarious events and complex interpersonal hi-jinx make this screwball comedy all the more enjoyable and timeless.

(Comedy, Crime)

The Princess Bride

"The Princess Bride" is a hilariously entertaining romantic fairytale that centers around the trials and triumphs of the noble farm boy Westley, his love Buttercup, and their friends Inigo and Fezzik. In the typical 'noble knight saves his beloved princess from the evil Prince' fashion, "The Princess Bride" combines the best of deliberate ironic puns and a fantastically elaborated plot scheme to render a truly entertaining tale for child and adult alike.

Directed by: Rob Reiner. Written by: William Goldman (novel and screenplay).

(Adventure, Comedy, Family)

The Producers

The original Mel Brooks cinematic production — before the Broadway hit and the future cinematic release (2005) "The Producers" — features the unforgettable duo of bogus theatrical producer Max Bialystock and his whiny accountant partner, Leo Bloom. When Max comes up with an ingenious plan to produce the worst play ever: raise more money than needed to put on the WORST Broadway show ever written, he employs Leo Bloom's help with the paperwork to cover the whole thing up. As the two set about executing their plan, in walks the unforgettable Swedish beauty, Ulla, and of course, the most ridiculous musical screenplay every written: "Springtime for Hitler". With a title like that, no one could possibly approve of such a ludicrous vision... or could they?


Raising Arizona

A comedy about kidnapping a baby? An unlikely couple (a lady cop and a loser repeat, convict) want to have a baby, find out that they can't, so when another couple has five babies — they don't think just one will be missed.

(Comedy, Crime, Drama)

Revenge of the Pink Panther

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is back in action when his body is allegedly found murdered in the back of his car. Taking advantage of his €œinvisible€ status, Clouseau sets out to discover the motives and man behind the botched murder attempt. Meanwhile, former arch villain, Charles Dreyfus, is released from the mental hospital under the pretense that Clouseau really is dead. But how will he and the alleged villain feel once they discover Chief Clouseau is anything but dead and gone!

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)

Ruthless People

Sam Stone is an unscrupulous businessman who one day decides to murder his wife for her money. First, however, his wife is first kidnapped by Ken and Sandy Kessler, a duo seeking revenge from Sam for stealing their savings and unbelievably using it to market the Kessler fashion design business as his own doing. Meanwhile, Sam’s wife discovers his ruthless business tactics, and when she learns that he isn’t doing anything to help release her, she decides to befriend her kidnappers and together, the trio plan to teach Sam a hard lesson.

Directors Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker deliver many laughs with their ruthless comedy, "Ruthless People."

(Comedy, Crime)


"Saved!" addresses the tenuous dilemma of questioning the true meaning of religious doctrine in a light hearted manner in this comedic satire. When Mary becomes pregnant by her allegedly gay boyfriend, her Baptist high school ostracizes both her and her boyfriend and the two become the center of religious controversy for the school, and more importantly, Christian zea lot Hilary Faye.

Written by: Brian Dannelly and Michael Urban.

Directed by: Brian Dannelly.

(Comedy, Drama)

The Seven Year Itch

To spare his wife and son from the hot, muggy New York City summer, professional book reader, family man Richard Sherman, sends them to the countryside. Though he allows himself to enjoy this temporary bachelorhood, Richard vows to remain faithful to his wife. This vow is sorely tested when a gorgeous, drop dead, friendly blond moves upstairs to the apartment above, which stimulates his imagination, opening the door to temptation.

(Comedy, Romance)

Shanghai Noon

Taking place in the 19th century, this comedy/action/western begins when Princess Pei Pei runs away from The Forbidden City with her English Tutor to America, to escape an arranged marriage. The wily English tutor takes her to Carson City, where she becomes the prisoner of a former imperial guard, the dastardly Lo Fong, who holds Pei Pei for a ransom demand. An Imperial Guard delegation and Chon Wang who tags along, is sent to America with the ransom gold. After their train was robbed, Chon Wang becomes separated from his party, and starts his own quest to rescue the princess. Along the way, Chon makes some unlikely alliances with an Indian tribe, and a small-time robber, Roy O'Bannon, with whom he shares misadventures and dangerous situations.

Directed by Tom Dey. Written by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

(Action, Adventure, Comedy)


Shrek is a typical, ogre-hermit, residing deep in the recesses of bis beloved swamp. When Lord Farquaad, ruler of Duloc exiles all fairy-tale beings to the surrounding woods of his swamp, however, Shrek's peace is suddenly disturbed. Much to his dismay, Shrek finds himself bidding with the Lord Farquaad: in exchange for the removal and replacement of all fairy-tale beings currently residing in his swamp, Shrek promises to go retrieve the beautiful Princess Fiona to be Lord Farquaad's virgin bride of Duloc. Along the way a loud-mouthed Donkey and Shrek's icy heart stir things up in this comical, classic family comedy.

Shrek won the Oscar for Best Animated Film at the 2002 Academy Awards.

(Animation, Adventure, Comedy)

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles explores the trials and tribulations of a young girl turning sixteen, dealing with the unwanted, amorous attentions of a nerdy freshman, her terrible crush on a hunky senior, and her distracted, and sometimes annoying family.

(Comedy, Romance)


Yet another Woody Allen comedy that features a clarinet player. Woody is frozen and resurrected by anti-government radicals so as to assist them in their attempted conspiracy: overthrow the currently oppressive government. As the humble man sets out to explore the crazy new world, he discovers the unthinkable: Orgasmatron booths, and much, much more to do with comical sexual revolutions.

(Comedy, Sci-Fi)


Chaos reigns supreme on the set of a popular TV soap opera. When long reigning queen of soaps Celeste Talbert comes into competition with upcoming soap beauty Montana Moorehead, the latter teams up with the show's producer to try and write her out of the series. But when Celeste's old flame reappears onscreen, things get interesting, since it was Celeste's idea to fire him 20 years earlier, and Montana has been desperately awaiting for Celeste's celebrity status to die.

Director Michael Hoffman's "Soapdish" is a broad but funny comedy.

(Comedy, Romance)

Start the Revolution Without Me

"Start the Revolution Without Me" is a comical, loose adaptation of Charle's Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" and Dumas' "The Corsican Bros," providing a wild comedy about the French Revolution a la the comic mastermind, Mel Brooks. When a set of identical twins are accidentally mixed-up at birth, one is sent to live out a pretentious aristocratic lifestyle while the other is subjected to your typically poor and lowly peasant life. Fate intervenes, however, placing them in the midst of a palace as history goes down all around them.

Written by Lawrence J. Cohen and Fred Freeman.

Directed by Bud Yorkin.

(Comedy, History)

Support Your Local Sheriff

An easy-going, foot-loose would-be prospector, on his way to Australia, travels through a gold rush Old West town, where he winds up becoming the sheriff. He not only humorously deals with the town rowdies, but must contend with the town bullies in unique and creative ways.

Director Burt Kennedy's "Support Your Local Sheriff" is a fun, funny, western spoof.

(Action, Comedy, Romance)

Take the Money and Run

This Woody Allen mockumentary explores the epic incompetence of a petty criminal by the name of Virgil Starkwell. Following his childhood, the film documents his failed musical career and his idiosyncratic penchant for bank robberies. Employing the technique of voice-over narrative and family interviews, the film is an eclectic exposé on one of America's most interesting fictitious characters to date.

(Comedy, Crime, Mockumentary)


George Webber is suffering a mid-life and career crisis. Consequently, the failing Hollywood songwriter heads to Manzanillo, Mexico to clear his head and reflect on life. While there, he stumbles upon the beautiful Jenny, who just coincidentally happens to be the newlywed, honeymooning daughter of his dentist. Jenny tries to repay Webber for a recent favor, but her method of payment has George thinking he may have stumbled upon the perfect way to fix his recent bout of blues.

Received two Oscar nominations for Henry Mancini's music.

(Comedy, Romance)

There's Something About Mary

Mary was and still is the "It" girl of geeky Ted's dreams. Now out of high school, Ted packs away horrors of high school, polyester prom suits, and other atrocities that prevented his dream night with Mary from ever being fully realized, and heads out to find her thirteen years later to fulfill his unrequited love. Hiring a P.I. to track her down, Ted is taken aback when he discovers the investigator may also be falling for Mary, consequently giving Ted false information about the updated status of her persona and whereabouts. Without the help of the P.I., Ted manages to squeeze back into Mary's life, which, of course, provokes one uncomfortably comic scenario after the next.

Directed by Peter and Bob Farrelly, "There's Something About Mary" is a wild, unconventional, and over-the-top romantic comedy from the creators of "Dumb and Dumber" and "Kingpin."

(Comedy, Romance)

The Thin Man

Follows the comedic adventures of former New York City police detective Nick Charles and his rich, fun-loving wife, Nora Charles, as they become involved in a mystery, which involves murder, and a disappearance, all for the fun and thrill of it.

Directed by W.S. Van Dyke. Albert Hackett wrote the screenplay, based on the novel written by Dashiell Hammett.

THE THIN MAN was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)

The Thin Man Goes Home

While taking a little hiatus from work and life in New York, Mr. and Mrs. Charles head to Nick's parent's house in small town Sycamore Springs, an unexpected murder mystery develops in his parent's sleepy home town. As Nick does his avid best to avoid involvement, his meddling, but goodhearted wife, does her best to spur his involvement via her talents for gossip, sleuthing, and 'dancing'. As the case begins to unfold it seems the answer may have something to do with the notorious bad painting of the windmill.

Written by: Robert Riskin and Harry Kurnitz.

Directed by: Richard Thorpe.

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)

This is Spinal Tap

"This is Spinal Tap" is a witty satire that pays homage to and simultaneously spoofs the big hair, tight trousers, self-indulgent electric guitar solos, and over-amped mega wattage rock music of the notorious rock bands of the 1980s.

Written by: Christopher Guest and Michael McKean.

Directed By: Rob Reiner.

(Comedy, Mockumentary, Music)

Trading Places

Commodity brokers Duke & Duke wager a bet that drastically affects two men’s lives. In order to help get homeless con artist Billy Ray back on his feet the Dukes offer him a home, a full time job, a car, and all the toppings of a comfortable upper class lifestyle. In exchange, Billy Ray’s adversary, the pretentious upper class snob Louis Winthorpe is uprooted and transplanted into the ghetto: forced to survive off of instincts and the help of a sassy prostitute. But when both men discover the truth to the Duke’s conniving scheme they decide to team up and undermine the frivolous commodity brokers once and for all.

Written by: Timothy Harris and Herschel Weingrod.

Directed by: John Landis.


Waking Ned Devine

In the tiny, seaside village of Tully More, two good friends, Jackie O'Shea and Michael O'Sullivan, hatch a covert plan to collect the lottery winnings in the name of the rightful, yet dead winner, Ned Devine, a friend who would want his new wealth to benefit is friends. Because of unforeseen circumstances that were not in the original plan, this simple covert plan turns into a complicated hilarious scheme that involves the entire village, upping the risk of jail time for Jackie and Michael if this all encompassing effort is found out by the authorities.


Wedding Crashers

WEDDING CRASHERS tells the wacky adventures of two bachelor buddies who make a profession out of wining and dining their way through weddings; other people's weddings. Uninvited, all the same, John and Jeremy dance, eat, sing, and even cut the cake along with a slew of bride and grooms just before heading off with their sexiest bridesmaids for a night of never ending fun. But when the two embark on the challenging adventure of attending the famous Senator William Cleary's daughter's wedding, the last thing anyone, particularly John and Jeremy, would expect is for the two reckless, raucous bachelors to find love. But can their wily wedding snafu's be camouflaged enough to present themselves as upstanding citizens to the formidable William Cleary and daughters?

Written by: Steve Faber and Bob Fisher. Directed by: David Dobkin.

(Comedy, Romance)

What's Up Doc?

When two researchers venture to San Francisco in search for a music grant, they are taken aback by a strange college-drop out who brings nothing but trouble everywhere she goes. In the meantime, stolen jewels, mistaken luggage, and government espionage thicken the plot with unpredictable twists and turns.

Producer/director Peter Bogdanovich's "What's Up, Doc?" is a fun, fast paced screwball comedy.

(Comedy, Romance)

Without a Clue

In this humorous 19th century mystery, Dr. Watson is the real sleuth, and Sherlock Holmes is in reality a formerly out of work actor hired by Watson to play the part. After a falling out, they are once again forced to work together on one last difficult case, where this actor as Sherlock faces a moment of truth, when Dr. Watson suddenly disappears in the middle of the investigation.

Directed by Thom Eberhardt. Screenplay by Gary Murphy and Larry Strawther.

(Comedy, Crime, Mystery)

Young Frankenstein

Yet another Mel Brooks' classic involving the contributions of one talented Gene Wilder. In this hilarious spoof, a young neurosurgeon suddenly inherits the castle of his late famous grandfather, Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. Upon arriving at his new castle, the surgeon discovers the infamous hunchback, Igor, the beautiful lab assistant Inga, and an interesting housekeeper by the name of "Blucher". Though the young Frankenstein initially thinks that his grandfather's "work" is ridiculous, it isn't until he stumbles upon a book with detailed instructions on how to create a "re-animation experiment" that the young Frankenstein begins to reconsider the merits of his predecessor's work...