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Wilford Brimley –

Brimley in Absence of Malice (1981).

About Wilford Brimley (1934 – )
Balding, portly and with a full mustache, Wilford Brimley's unique presence, sometimes grand-fatherly, at other times menacing, has been gracing film and TV screens for decades.

Although known to some primarily as the folksy pitchman in Quaker Oats commercials, Brimley has delivered a series of well-drawn screen portraits in films like Cocoon, The End of the Line, and The Firm, among many others. He occasionally plays sharper characters, such as a lawyer in Absence of Malice. Brimley is actually considerably younger than he looks, no draw-back for a character actor.

Wilford Brimley's notable movie credits include...

Did You Hear About The Morgans? (2009)
The Path Of The Wind (2009)
The Road Home (2003)
Resurrection Mary (2002)
The Round And Round (2002)
PC And The Web (2001)
Brigham City (2001)
Comanche (2000)
Summer Of The Monkeys (1998)
A Place To Grow (1998)
Progeny (1998)
Chapter Perfect (1998)
All My Friends Are Cowboys (1998)
In & Out (1997)
My Fellow Americans (1996)
Last Of The Dogmen (1995)
mutant species (1995)
heaven sent (1994)
hard target (1993)
the firm (1993)
eternity (1989)
cocoon: the return (1988)
end of the line (1987)
jackals (1986)
shadows on the wall (1986)
remo williams: the adventure begins (1985)
cocoon (1985)
country (1984)
the natural (1984)
the thing
tender mercies (1983)
the electric horseman (1979)
the china syndrome



Wilford Brimley in The China Syndrome (1979).



Brimley in The Firm.



Wilford Brimley in Hard Target (1993).



Wilford Brimley in Cocoon.


Brimley in My Fellow Americans.


Wilford Brimley in The Natural (1984).


Wilford Brimley in The Thing (1982).