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Victor McLaglen, Award Winner


Victor McLaglen: Best Actor 1935:

The Informer (Drama)

Victor McLaglen received his Oscar for playing an Irishman who informs on a buddy to collect a reward during the Irish Rebellion. This powerful drama was based on Liam O'Flaherty's novel.

About Victor McLaglen (1886 – 1959)

Victor McLaglen passed away on November 7, 1959, in Newport Beach, California, from a heart attack.

Victor was the son of the Right Reverend Andrew McLaglen, a Protestant clergyman who was at one time Bishop of Claremont in South Africa.

McLaglen comes from a family of actors. His brothers Clifford McLaglen, Cyril McLaglen, Kenneth McLaglen, Arthur McLaglen, Leopold McLaglen were all bitten by the acting bug. He is the grandfather of Mary McLaglen, and Father-in-law of actress Veda Ann Borg. Victor is the father of film director Andrew V. McLaglen.

In his earlier years, Victor directed his pugnacious nature into professional prize fighting. He toured in circuses, vaudeville shows, and Wild West shows, often as a fighter challenging all comers. Also fought heavyweight champion Jack Johnson.

After the war, he attempted to resume a boxing career, but was given a substantial acting role in The Call of the Road (1920).

British actor who was in many British silent films, prior to Hollywood.

Victor McLaglen was over 50 before he became a bankable actor in films like The Lost Patrol and The Informer.

In 1935, McLaglen won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in The Informer. Then in 1952, The Quiet Man won Victor McLaglen another Oscar nomination. This was the first time a Best Actor winner had been nominated subsequently in the Supporting Actor category.

Victor McLaglen's notable movie credits include...

sea fury (1958)
the abductors (1957)
lady godiva (1955)
the quiet man (1952)
rio grande (1950)
calendar girl (1947)
the princess and the pirate (1944)
gunga din (1939)
the informer (1935)


Victor McLaglen in GUNGA DIN.