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Valerie Harper –


About Valerie Harper (1939 – )
Valerie Harper was born on August 22, 1940, in Suffern, New York.

A great writing team, Valerie Harper and her husband at the time, actor Richard Schaal, wrote a script for the series Love American Style, in 1969.

Valerie Harper was a popular guest for TV talk shows. She was seen on The Rosie O'Donnell Show 6 times, and 7 times on The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson.

Suddenly, Valerie Harper was fired by Lorimar from her NBC TV-Series, Valerie. They continued with the series, replacing her character. Later Harper went to court with Lorimar over her contract, and in 1988, she was awarded 1.4 million dollars, plus 12.5% of the profits of the show that continued on without her until 1991.

Valerie Harper is no stranger to the TV. Actually, to some that is how she is best known. Some of the TV series she was on were The Office; in 1995, playing Rita Stone, and City; in 1990, as Liz Gianni. Valerie Harper is probably best known for playing Rhonda Morgenstern Gerard in both the 1974 series, Rhoda, and in the very famous Mary Tyler Moore series.

On television, Valerie Harper starred on all three networks in movies of the week, including Farrell For The People; in 1982, on NBC, Don't Go To Sleep; in 1982, on ABC ,and An Invasion Of Privacy; in 1983, on CBS.

In 1959 Valerie Harper had an uncredited role as the girl in the orange dress, in Li'l Abner.

Bound to be a star, Valerie Harper did it with television. She has a collection of wins, including four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for her work in Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda.

Some of her other TV Guest Appearances were in Committed, Three Sisters, Family Man, That 70s Show, and even The Howard Stern Show.

Valerie Harper's notable movie credits include...

certainty (2011)
Drop Dead Diva (2009)
golda's balcony (2007)
blame it on rio (1984)
the last married couple in America (1980)
freebie and the bean (1974)
with a feminine touch (1969)
rock, rock, rock (1956)


Valerie Harper in Blame It On Rio.