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Shelley Winters, Award Winner

Winters in STRIDULUM.

Shelley Winters: Best Supporting Actress,
1959 and 1965:

1959: The Diary Of Anne Frank (Biography)

Shelley Winters won her first Supporting Actress Oscar for playing one of the eight Jews who were hiding from the Nazis – Richard Beymer's whining mother.

1965: A Patch Of Blue (Drama)

Winters won her second Supporting Actress Oscar for playing the savage mother who blinded her daughter in one of her rages in A PATCH OF BLUE.

About Shelley Winters (1920– 2006)
Shelley Winters was born in East St. Louis. Her father was a tailor and moved the family to New York while Shelley was young. She was already working in Vaudeville and nightclubs as a chorus girl in high school.

Shelly Winters debuted on Broadway in 1941 and played there again the following year.

Then she moved out to Hollywood, and for a time she and Marilyn Monroe were roommates. Winters took small roles which were often largely lost on the editing room floor. Then Winters graduated to playing hard luck gals and overblown broads.

These kinds of floozie parts led to Shelley Winters being cast in the 1951 movie, A Place In The Sun, as the seduced and betrayed factory worker girlfriend of Montgomery Clift, who abandons Winters to chase after classy Elizabeth Taylor. Later in the story, a pregnant, miserable Winters, is drowned by her ex-lover, when she threatens to expose their affair. Winters received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

But after that, it was back to the B stuff. Shelley Winters slogged through that, then returned to the New York stage. In the late '50s Winters was back in films, now playing character roles, in high-profile projects like The Night Of The Hunter, in 1955, with Robert Mitchum. In 1959, Shelley Winters played the tense Mrs. Van Daan in The Diary Of Ann Frank, and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

In 1965, Shelley Winters played the emotionally unstable, abusive prostitute mother of a blind girl. Her daughter is befriended by a man two rescues her from her mother and pays for her education in a school for the blind, in A Patch Of Blue. Winters received a second Best Supporting Actress Oscar for this role.

Shelley Winters was a lively and colorful guest on late night talk shows. One night on the Tonight Show, she dumped a bucket of ice water over Oliver Reed's head because she was irritated with his derogatory comments on women. Johnny Carson appeared dazed. The two stars went at it, the crew separated them, the show cut to a commercial break, and the fighting pair were gone by the time the show resumed.

Shelley Winters remarked on seeing Marlon Brando perform live on stage in A Streetcar Named Desire: "There was an electrical charge and almost an animal scent he projected over the footlights that made it impossible for the audience to think or watch the other performers on stage. All you could do was feel, the sexual arousal was so complete. I don't believe that quality can be learned – it's just there, primitive and compelling. The only time I experienced a similar reaction was when I saw Elvis Presley perform in Las Vegas."

Shelley Winters's notable movie credits include...

What A Woman (1943)
The Gangster (1947)
Red River (1948)
A Double Life (1947)
One False Step (1949)
The Great Gatsby (1949)
Winchester 73 (1950)
A Place In The Sun (1951)
My Man And I (1952)
The Big Knife (1955)
The Night Of The Hunter (1955)
I Died A Thousand Times (1955)
Lolita (1962)
The Chapman Report (1962)
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
Alfie (1966)
Harper (1979)
Enter Laughing (1967)
Arthur! Arthur! (1969)
Flap (1970)
Bloody Mama (1970)
What's The Matter With Helen (1971)
Cleopatra Jones (1973)
Diamonds (1975)
Journey Into Fear (1975)
Pete's Dragon (1977)
Tentacles (1977)
Stridulum (1979)
City On Fire (1979)
The Visitor (1979)
S.O.B. (1981)
Delta Force (1986)
Raging Angels (1995)
The Portrait Of The Lady (1996)
Gideon (1999)
La Bamba (1999)

Shelley Winters's television credits include...

Roseanne (semi-regular) (1991-1996)


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Shelley Winters in The Poseidon Adventure.


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Winters in A Place In The Sun (1951).

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Shelley Winters in S.O.B..


Shelley Winters in Delta Force.

Shelley Winters in
The Night Of The Hunter.


Winters in
A Double Life


Winters in Lolita.