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Roberto Benigni,
Award Winner –

Benigni in Life Is Beautiful.

Roberto Benigni: Best Actor, 1998:

Life Is Beautiful (Dramedy – PG-13)

Roberto Benigni won his Best Actor Oscar for his poignant, humorous portrayal of a carefree Jewish book keeper, Guido Orefice in 1930's Italy, who marries a beautiful school teacher, Dora and lives happily together with their son, Giosue, until Nazi forces arrive in town.

About Roberto Benigni (1952– )
Roberto Benigni is also known for writing and directing, which is what he did with Life Is Beautiful. He is one of Italy's leading stars, who also wrote and directed this labor of love. He also won an Oscar for his direction of the film.

His father, Luigi Benigni was a prisoner in the Nazi Concentration Camp at Bergen-Belsen, from 1943-'45. His stories of life in this camp inspired Roberto's screenplay and performance.

Roberto Benigni is the first one to win the Best Actor Oscar award for a non-English speaking performance in a foreign film, and has joined the ranks of Laurence Olivier, as only being the second person in film history to direct himself in an Oscar-winning performance.

Roberto Benigni's notable movie credits include...

The Tiger And The Snow (2005)
Coffee And Cigarettes (2003)
Pinocchio (2002)
Asterix And Obelix vs. Caesar (1999)
Il Mostro Italy The Monster 1994
Clair De Femme (1979)
La Luna (1979)
Tutto Benigni (1983)
Down By Law (1986)
Coffee And Cigarettes (2003)
Night On Earth (1991)
Johnny Stecchino (1991)
Son Of The Pink Panther (1993)
Fellini: Je Suis Un Grand Menteur (2002)
Pinocchio (2002)


Roberto Benigni in Life Is Beautiful.