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Randy Quaid –

randy-quaid-image-1 Quaid in Midnight Express.
About Randy Quaid (1950 – )
He was Born on October 1, 1950 in Houston, Texas. Randy is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid.

Randy Quaid has enjoyed a long career as a character actor.

Randy's first feature film role was in Larry McMurtry's 1971 film, The Last Picture Show.

Randy worked on Hollywood Boulevard as a janitor and within one year was nominated for an Oscar for The Last Detail (1973). Randy was 21 years old.

Randy married his first wife, Ella Jolly on May 11th, 1980. They divorced in 1985, but had a child in 1983, Amanda Quaid.

In 1988, Randy won a Golden Globe for his performance in the TV movie LBJ: The Early Years.

In 1989, Randy married Evi Quaid, whom he met on the set of Bloodhounds Of Broadway.

In 1999, Randy Quaid was directed by wife Evi Quaid, in The Debtors.

Randy Quaid played the character of Doc Holliday in the movie, Purgatory (1999).

Randy Quaid played the part of Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon Vacation movies.

Recently, Randy Quaid has gotten into some legal trouble. He planned at one point to immigrate to Canada with refugee status.

Randy Quaid's notable movie credits include...

Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story (2009)
Real Time (2008)
Goya's Ghosts (2006)
The Ice Harvest (2005)
Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Home On The Range (2004)
Treasure Island Kids: The Battle Of Treasure Island (2004)
Black Cadillac (2003)
The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)
The Debtors (1999)
Hard Rain (1998)
Independence Day (1996)
Moonshine Highway (1996)
Kingpin (1996)
Independence Day (1996)
Days Of Thunder (1990)
Midnight Express (1978)
Paper Moon (1973)
The Last Detail (1973)
The Last Picture Show (1971)


Randy Quaid in Caddyshack II.



Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation (1989).



Randy Quaid in Kingpin (1996).


Quaid in Brokeback Mountain (2005).



Randy Quaid in THE LONG RIDERS.



Randy Quaid in Independence Day (1996).



Randy Quaid in Midnight Express (1978).




Quaid in The Day The World Ended (2001-TV movie).