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Ralph Bellamy –

Bellamy in DANCE, GIRL, DANCE.
About Ralph Bellamy (1904 – 1991)
Ralph Bellamy was born June 17, 1904 in Chicago, Illinois but his childhood was spent in the quieter town of Winnetka, Illinois.

After graduating from the infamous New Trier High School (host to Rock Hudson, Liz Phair, and Ann-Margaret to name a few others), Ralph immediately joined a traveling acting company, The Chautauqua Road Company, that performed Shakespearean plays, and other cultural stage plays to small town America. By 1929, Bellamy started his Broadway career, making his stage debut in the play Town Boy.

After graduating from the infamous New Trier High School (host to Rock Hudson, Liz Phair, and Ann-Margaret to name a few others), Bellamy immediately started his Broadway career, debuting in 1929.

His film debut in 1931's gangster flick The Secret Six occurred the same year he would wed the second of four wives, Catherine Willard, after his first marriage to Alice Delbridge failed the previous year (they had one child).

After his performance in The Secret Six, Bellamy would spend the next decade or so perfecting the role dubbed "the other man", for which much of his notoriety was earned.

Bellamy would divorce Willard fourteen years and one adopted child later, in 1945. He would marry his third wife, Ethel Smith, the same year. His fourth wife, Alice Murphy, would be his life partner from 1949 until his death in 1991.

After his Oscar-nominated performance as Cary Grant's rival for the courtship of Irene Dunne in 1937's "The Awful Truth", Bellamy would find much success when cast as the morally-straight but less-than-spontaneous suitor who would find himself repeatedly rejected onscreen. Bellamy's attitude of course was, "I always tell the producers, if I can't get the girl at the end of the picture, at least give me more money." That said, he would go on to star in 1932's Air Mail, 1933's Below the Sea and 1934's Spitfire.

But Bellamy would also find fame in his heroic roles via Television series, such as Inspector Trent in Before Midnight (TV 1933-34). In 1949 he would star in the TV hit Man Against Crime and remain with the series until 1954. He also frequented The Survivors, The Most Deadly Game, The Eleventh Hour, and Christine Cromwell.

In 1958 he would be recognized for his stage talent, winning the Tony Award for Best Actor (Dramatic) for his performance in Sunrise at Campobello. A terrific portrayal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bellamy would reprise the role for the equally titled feature film in 1960.

In time, Bellamy would begin to take on villainous roles, starting with 1983's Trading Places in which he portrayed a ruthless Wall Street con man. In 1987, he would star in Amazon Women on the Moon and cameo for 1988's Coming to America.

With more than 100 feature film credits and a multi-medium career spanning the decades, Bellamy has become one of the most notable actors of the twentieth century. In his latter years he became one of the founding members for the Screen Actors Guild and received an honorary Oscar in 1986. It seems whether he is parodying himself in His Girl Friday (1940) or writing his autobiography When the Smoke hits the Fan (1979) Bellamy is a talented man who's made his mark through the decades.

Ralph Bellamy's notable movie credits include...

Disorderly Conduct (1932)
The Woman In Room 13 (1932)
Almost Married (1932)
Blind Adventure (1933)
The Wedding Night (1935)
The Final Hour (1936)
Boy Meets Girl (138)
Dance, Girl, Dance (1940)
The Wolf Man (1941)
Rosemary's Baby (1968)
Coming To America (1988)
Pretty Woman (1990)


Ralph Bellamy in Oh, God! (1977).



Ralph Bellamy in Trading Places (1983).


Ralph Bellamy in Pretty Woman.



Ralph Bellamy in Rosemary's Baby (1968).



Bellamy in The Awful Truth.



Ralph Bellamy in His Girl Friday (1940).