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Norma Shearer, Award Winner

photo-shearer Shearer in A Free Soul.

Norma Shearer: Best
Actress 1929/30:


Norma Shearer received her Best Actress Oscar for playing a free-spirited woman involved with a broken marriage and her ex-husband's best friend.

THE DIVORCÉE was a tear-jerker based on Ursula Parrott's sensational novel titled: Ex-Wife.

About Norma Shearer (1900– 1983)
Norma Shearer was a Canadian born actress, began her career as a silent star, making 13 movies for MGM, and later making the transition to talkies star during the thirties.

Norma Shearer was married to Irving Thalberg, MGM's Production Chief [until his early death at 37 from a heart attack] and, as a result, received plum parts at the studio. Shearer converted to Judaism in preparation for the wedding. The couple had two children together.

In the days before the self-censoring Code went into effect, (pre-1934), Norma Shearer often played a sophisticated, sexually free woman, such as in A Free Soul (1931) and Their Own Desire. She was nominated for an Oscar for both roles. In 1930 she appeared in the talkie The Divorcee, as woman who pays her philandering ex-husband back in kind. Norma Shearer received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance.

The 1936 movie Romeo And Juliet and the 1938 movie Marie Antoinette were some of the plum roles she got as one of MGM's biggest stars. She was nominated again for Academy Awards for those two films, plus for The Barretts Of Wimpole Street (1934), another costume drama about the life of poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning.

In 1939 she played in The Women, a movie about the exploits of three young Park Avenue society matrons, based on the Claire Booth Luce play, with Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. Norma Shearer retired from the screen in 1942 and married a ski instructor, with whom she remained until her demise at age 80.

Some of Norma Shearer's silent movie credits included...

The Flapper (1920)
Channing Of The Northwest (1922)
He Who Gets Slapped (1924)
After Midnight (1927)

Norma Shearer's notable movie credits included...

Riptide (1934)
Idiot's Delight (1939)
Escape (1940)
We Were Dancing (1942)
Her Cardboard Lover (1942)




Norma Shearer in A Free Soul (1931).





Shearer in Marie Antoinette (1938).




Norma Shearer in The Women (1939).




Norma Shearer in Romeo And Juliet (1936).