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Minnie Driver –

_top_pic_minnie_driver Driver in SPEECHLESS.
About Minnie Driver (1970 – )
Minnie Driver was Born on January 31, 1970 in London, England. She was one of two children in the secret family of a married man and his lover. She was raised in Barbados, and later attended boarding schools in Paris and Grenoble. She then trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Minnie Driver began acting in 1990 in television. Then in 1995, she began working in supporting roles in movies, including Big Night and Sleepers. n the 1997 black comedy, Gross Pointe Blank, Driver plays the former high school sweetheart of a hitman (John Cusack) embroiled in murder plots, at a high school reunion. Driver's character begins a reconciliation with the hitman, but when she begins to stumble over the human remains from his line of work, she has second thoughts.

Minnie Driver was nominated for an Academy Award for her supporting role as a medical student and love interest of a young, widowed genius, working as a janitor, who is in intensive psychotherapy, in Good Will Hunting (1997).

In the film adaptation of the complicated Oscar Wilde play, An Ideal Husband, Minnie Driver plays the love interest of Rupert Everett, who gets embroil led in his best friend's peccadillos, while prolonging his overdue aristocratic adolescence, by putting off proposing marriage to the plucky Minnie Driver, also the sister of his best friend.

From 2003 to 2004, she played the recurring role of Lorraine Finster on the television comedy, Will And Grace.

In the 2004 film adaptation of The Phantom Of The Opera, Minnie Driver played Carlotta, an over-the-top diva, swathed in pink satin, fur, lace, jewels and beauty marks in the shape of celestial objects.

From 2007 to 2008, she starred as the ex-con, ex-con artist, Dahlia Malloy, in the television series, The Riches.

Minnie Driver is quoted as saying, "People go 'You look a lot like Minnie Driver.' Once I said, 'Thanks, Minnie is a great actress.' But, it blew up in my face. This person said, 'Nah, didn't like the last movie she did.'"

Minnie Driver's notable movie credits include...

The Crash (2017)
Speechless (2016)
Beyond the Lights (2014)
Stage Fright (2014)
Return to Zero (2014)
I Give It a Year (2013)
Hunky Dory (2011)
Conviction (2010)
Motherhood (2009)
Take (2007)
Ripple Effect (2007)
Delirious (2006)
The Virgin Of Juarez (2006)
The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)
High Heels And Low Lifes (2001)
An Ideal Husband (1999)
Tarzan (1999)
Good Will Hunting (1997)
Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)




Minnie Driver in Grosse Pointe Blank (1997).