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Mercedes McCambridge,
Award Winner –

mccambridge-mercedes McCambridge in Suddenly, Last Summer.

Mercedes McCambridge: Best
Supporting Actress, 1949:


Mercedes McCambridge won her Supporting Oscar for playing Willie Stark's love-lorn campaign aide Sadie Burke in ALL THE KING'S MEN, her first picture!

About Mercedes McCambridge (1916 – 2004)

Mercedes McCambridge was born in Joliet, Illinois. She was a radio actor, before turning to film.

In 1949, Mercedes McCambridge was cast as Sadie Burke, a supporting role in All The Kings Men, the story of a corrupt politician's life of power and ultimate fall. McCambridge won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in her very first film.

Mercedes McCambridge played in the Western Johnny Guitar, (1954), with Joan Crawford, as Edna Small, a townswoman leading a committee seeking justice, who goes up against saloon owner Joan Crawford.

In 1956 Mercedes McCambridge was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Giant, another Western, about the fortunes of a family of ranchers, with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.

For the classic horror movie The Exorcist, McCambridge was the hideous voice of the foul-mouthed demon who possesses Linda Blair. She sued Warner Brothers for omitting her credit for the movie.

Mercedes McCambridge continued to work in films and television on a total of 64 projects. Her last appearance was in 1988 in the popular female cop duo show Cagney And Lacey.

Of her career, Mercedes McCambridge said, "One of the most destructive things in my life was the kind of parts I played in pictures. I studied Shakespeare and the classics, and I end up shooting Joan Crawford and killing a horse that Elizabeth Taylor was in love with. I'm serious. I played the worst harridans, the most hard-bitten women, the absolute heavies, and it just about did me in."

Mercedes McCambridge's notable movie credits include...

Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)
Inside Straight (1951)
Johnny Guitar (1954)
Farewell To Arms (1957)
Suddenly Last Summer (1959)
Cimarron (1960)
Thieves (1977)
Airport 79 (1979)
Echoes (1983)




Mercedes McCambridge in Suddenly, Last Summer (1959).