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Maximilian Schell, Award Winner –


Schell in The Odessa File.

Maximilian Schell: Best Actor 1961:

Judgement at Nuremberg (Drama – TV14)

Maximilian Schell received his Oscar for playing the German lawyer who passionately defended four Nazi generals at the war crime trials in Nuremberg.

About Maximilian Schell (1930 – 2014)
Maximilian Schell was born on December 8th, 1930 in Vienna, Austria, but grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. Schell died age 83 on February 1, 2014, in Innsbruck, Austria after a "sudden and serious illness". He had reportedly been receiving treatment for pneumonia.

Acting runs in his family, as his sisters are actresses Maria Schell, and Immy Schell, and his brother is Carl Schell. Beginning in 1952, Maximilian became involved in learning the craft of acting, and went on to become very successful in German films and television.

Maximilian Schell has the distinction of being the most accomplished German-speaking actor in English language films. He was first noticed in America, when he was hired to be in the film, THE YOUNG LIONS, which led to his award-winning role as the defense attorney in THE JUDGEMENT OF NUREMBURG.

Maximilian's occasionally directed some of his features, including:

The Pedestrian
First Love
End of the Game

Maximilian Schell's other Best Actor nominations were for:

The Man in the Glass Booth (1975)
Julia (1977)

Maximilian Schell's notable movie credits include...

Young Lions (1958)
The Condemned Of Altona (1962)
Return From The Ashes (1965)
The Deadly Affair (1966)
Beyond The Mountains (1968)
Counterpoint (1967)
The Castle (1968)
The Odessa File (1974)
St. Ives (1976)
Cross Of Iron (1977)
Avalanche Express (1979)
The Black Hole (1979)
Players (1979)
The Chosen (1981)
The Assisi Underground (1985)
The Rose Garden (1989)
The Freshman (1990)
Labyrinth (1986)
A Far Off Place (1993)
Justiz (1993)
The Vamppyre Wars (1996)
Telling Lies In America (1997)
Zwischen Rosen Through Roses (1997)
The Eighteenth Angel (1998)
Left Luggage (1998)
vampires (1998)
deep impact (1998)
wer liebt, dem wachsen flugel on the wings of love (1999)
i love you baby (2000)
Fisimatenten Just Messing Around (2000)
Meine Schwester Maria (2002)
Light In The Sky
Festival In Cannes (2001)
The Brothers Bloom (2008)
Darkness (2009)

Maximilian Schell's television credits include...

Peter The Great (Mini TV Series 1986)
Liebe, Lugen, Leidenschaft (Mini TV Series) Love, Lies, Passion (2002)
Furst Und Das Madchen Der (TV Series 2003)

SCHELLMaximilian Schell

Maximilian Schell in The Freshman (1990).




Schell in Topkapi (1964).





Maximilian Schell in Julia (1977).

Maximilian Schell in The Odessa File (1974).




Maximilian Schell in Judgment at Nuremberg.

maximilianmaximilian schell

Maximilian in Deep Impact (1998).






Maximilian Schell in A Bridge Too Far (1977).




Maximilian Schell in Young Lions (1958).