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Maria Bello –

About Maria Bello (1967 – )
Maria Bello was born on April 18, 1967 in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Maria Bello has been cast in small off-Broadway plays, such as The Killer Inside Me, Small Town Gals With Big Problem, and Urban Planning.

As Maria Bello worked to became more of a name she had guest-starred on episodes of The Commish (1991), Nowhere Man (1995), Misery Loves Company (1995) and Due South (1994).

It would be the 1996 spy show Mr. & Mrs. Smith, that gave Maria Bello her big break when producers Kenny Lenhart and John J. Sakmar cast her as Mrs. Smith.

On the last three espisodes of the third season Maria Bello guest-starred as Dr. Anna DelAmico on ER. The producers were so impressed with her character that they asked her to stay on as a regular on the series.

Maria Bello's notable movie credits include...

Abduction (2011)
Beautiful Boy (2010)
Grown Ups (2010)
The Company Men (2010)
The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (2009)
The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)
Downloading Nancy (2008)
Yellow Handkerchief (2008)
The Jane Austin Book Club (2007)
Towelhead (2007)
Shattered (2007)
Flicka (2006)
World Trade Center (2006)
Thank You For Smoking (2005)
A History Of Violence (2005)
The Dark (2005)
Assault On Precinct 13 (2005)
Secret Window (2004)
Nobody's Perfect (2004)
The Cooler (2003)
Coyote Ugly (2000)
Payback (1999)
Maintenance (1992)



Bello in Secret Window (2004).


Maria Bello in Payback (1999).


Maria Bello in The Dark (2005).