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Lou Diamond Phillips –

Phillips in LONGMIRE.
About Lou Diamond Phillips (1962 – )
Lou Diamond Phillips was born on February 17, 1962 in Subic Bay Naval Station, in the Philippines.

Sometimes Lou Diamond Phillips is credited as Lou Diamond. Phillips' birth name is Louis Upchurch.

Julie Cypher was Lou Diamond Phillips' first wife, and most notable for leaving Phillips for rock star Melissa Etheridge. He did remarry, to Kelly Phillips, and together they have 3 children. In 2005 the couple called it quits and divorced.

A big role for Lou Diamond Phillips was living the outlaw life standing up for what they believed in and avoided the law at all cost, as the whole gang were wanted men in the movie Young Guns.

Playing 'Jose' Chavez y Chavez in both Young Guns in 1988 and Young Guns Ii in 1990, Lou Diamond Phillips co starred with Emilio Estevez and Kiefer Sutherland.

Said to be one of Lou Diamond Phillips best roles was in A Show Of Force in 1990 when he played a the political thriller.

We have seen Lou Diamond Phillips on several hit TV shows including Numb3rs, Jack And Bobby, The Twilight Show, George Lopez and 24.

A teenage rock star Ritchie Valens was a perfect part for Lou Diamond Phillips in La Bamba in 1987.

Lou Diamond Phillips has continued to act as well as take new avenues in the field in 1988 he was the associate producer of Dakota then in 1991 he turned screenwriter for Ambition and then in 1994 he was the director of Sioux City in all three movies Phillips also took a part usually starring or co starring.

Lou Diamond Phillips's notable credits include...

Longmire (2012)
filly brown (2012)
transparency (2010)
the invited (2010)
che: part two (2008)
guerrilla (2008)
never forget (2008)
death toll (2008)
striking range (2006)
fingerprints (2006)
el cortez (2006)
Hollywood homicide (2003)
absolon (2003)
malevolent (2002)
stark raving mad (2002)
lone hero (2002)
route 666 (2001)
knight club (2001)
abtter way to die (2000)
supernova (2000)
bats (1999)
brokedown palace (1999)
the big hit (1998)
courage under fire (1996)
boulevard (1994)
the dark wind (1991)
young guns ii (1990)
young guns (1988)
la bamba (1987)


Lou Diamond Phillips with Keifer
Sutherland in Young Guns (1988).



Lou Diamond Phillips in THE DARK WIND (1991).