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Lloyd Bridges –

Bridges in Airplane.
About Lloyd Bridges (1913 – 1998)
Lloyd Bridges was born on January 12, 1913 in San Leandro California. He passed away on March 10, 1998 in Los Angeles, California.

Bridges was a versatile actor, and the father of actors Jeff and Beau Bridges.

He made his first films in 1936, and went under contract with Columbia Pictures in 1941. His Broadway debut came in 1939 in a production of Othello.

Allegations that Lloyd Bridges was involved with the Communist Party threatened to derail his career in the early '50s, but he resumed work after an FBI clearance.

Lloyd Bridges became a TV star in the popular series Sea Hunt (1958-1961).

Lloyd Bridges's notable movie credits include...

Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)
The Lone Wolf (1941)&
Sixteen Fathoms Deep (
Home Of The Brave (1949)
Little Big Horn (1951)
City Of Bad Men (1953)
Apache Woman (1951)&
The Rainmaker (1951)
The Goddess (1958)
Around The World Under The Sea (1966)
Weekend Warriors (1986)
Airplane (1980)
the wild pair (1987)
hot shots (1991)
hot shots: part deux (1993)
blown away (1994)
Jane Austin's Mafia! (1998)
Meeting Daddy (2000)

Lloyd Bridges's television credits include...

Sea Hunt (Series 1958-1961)
The Lloyd Bridges Show (Series 1962-1963)
The Silent Gun (1969)
Roots (Mini-Series 1977)
Telethon (1977)
Grace Kelly (1983)
The Loner (Series 1965-1966)
Paper Dolls (Series 1984)


Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots: Part Deux.


Bridges in Airplane II.



Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots (1991).





Bridges in Little Big Horn.