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Lila Kedrova, Award Winner –

lila-kedrova-image Kedrova in Zorba The Greek (1964).

Lila Kedrova: Best
Supporting Actress, 1964:


Lila Kedrova won her Supporting Oscar for playing the disreputable Madame Hortense.

About Lila Kedrova (1918 – 2000)

Lila Kedrova moved with her family out of Russia, in 1922, after the October Revolution. They moved to France, where her mother taught music at the Conservatoire de Paris. Her father was a composer who also sang liturgical chants in a quartet.

Lila Kedrova was a Russian-French character actress who was a piano prodigy at eight. She made her stage debut at the age of 15.

In 1964, she played Madame Hortense, Zorba's love interest in Zorba The Greek. She won an Oscar for her performance.

She played Countess Kichinska in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Torn Curtain, with Paul Newman and Julie Andrews in 1966.

Kedrova played Madame Gaderian, an apartment building dweller in the Roman Polanski paranoiac thriller, The Tenant in 1976.

Lila Kedrova's notable movie credits include...

A High Wind In Jamaica (1965)
Torn Curtain (1966)
Penelope (1966)
The Kremlin Letter (1970)
The Tenant (1976)
The Thrill Of Genius
Some Girls (1988)
Two Men (1988)
Testament (1983)
Blood Tide (1982)
A Star For Two (1991)


Kedrova in Zorba The Greek (1964)