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Lesley Ann Warren –

_Lesley-Ann-Warren-top-pic-clue Warren in Clue.
About Lesley Ann Warren (1946 – )
Lesley Ann Warren was born on August 16, 1946, in New York City.

Seventeen year old Lesley Ann Warren was the youngest actor to have attended the NY's Actors Studio. Warren made her first show-biz splash right out of her teens, playing the lead in a 1966 TV musical production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

After Walt Disney saw Lesley Ann Warren's performance in Cinderella, Walt signed her to play a supporting role in The Happiest Millionaire (1967).

In 1982, Lesley Ann Warren was Oscar-nominated for her uninhibited supporting performance in Victor/Victoria, in 1982.

Lesley Ann Warren's notable movie credits include...

Jobs (2013)
Peep World (2010)
A Little Help (2010)
Stiffs (2010)
10th & Wolf (2006)
Stiffs (2006)
The Shore (2005)
Deepwater (2005)
Constellation (2005)
My Tiny Universe (2004)
Secretary (2002)
Delivering Milo (2001)
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999)
Bird Of Prey (1995)
pure country (1992)
clue (1985)
Harry and Walter go to New York (1976)
the happiest millionaire (1967)

Lesley Ann Warren and James Woods in Cop (1988).
Lesley Ann Warren in Desperate Housewives (2004)...
bottom picture with Valerie Harper.
Warren in Desperate Justice (1993).
Warren in Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976).
Warren in In Plain Sight (2008)... pictures one and four
with Mary McCormack... bottom two pictures with Nichole Hiltz.
Warren in Mission: Impossible (1970)... top picture with Leonard Nimoy, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, and Peter Graves... third picture with Peter Graves... fifth picture with George Sanders... sixth picture with Peter Graves, Peter Lupus, and Greg Morris... seventh picture with Peter Graves... bottom picture with Sam Elliott.
With Judy Greer, Michael C. Hall, Ron Rifkin, Sarah Silverman,
Rainn Wilson, and Ben Schwartz in Peep World (2010).
In Seven In Darkness (1969)... top picture with Tippy Walker... bottom picture with Alejandro Rey, Milton Berle, and Dina Merrill.
In The Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1972)... top picture with Sandra Dee, Karen Valentine, Buddy Ebsen, and Jack Elam... bottom picture with Buddy Ebsen, Sandra Dee, Jack Elam, and Karen Valentine.
victor_victoria_pic1_1982 victor_victoria_pic2 victor_victoria_pic3_with_robert_preston victor_victoria_pic4_with_james_garner
In Victor Victoria (1982)... with Robert Preston in
third picture... with James Garner in bottom picture.
With Michael Lerner in When Do We Eat? (2005).
Leslie Ann Warren in Working Class (2011).