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Juliette Binoche, Award Winner –


Juliette Binoche: Best
Supporting Actress 1996:

The English Patient (Drama – Rating)

Juliette Binoche won her Supporting Oscar for her performance in The English Patient.

About Juliette Binoche (1964 – )

juliette-binoche-photos A French actress in international films, Juliette Binoche was first noticed at age 23 in the French film The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988), as one of the lovers of a Romeo, who all become entangled during the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1968.

Juliette Binoche appeared in Louis Malle's Damage, in 1992, as the story of a devastated woman who has a love affair with the father of her fiancé, a married man, played by Jeremy Irons, who during the course of their liaison loses his son in a tragic accident.

The following year, in 1993, she played in Blue, as the bereft mother and wife who loses her family in a car accident, only to discover her husband had a mistress who is expecting his child.

Next, Binoche played a war refugee during a cholera epidemic ,who is befriended by a soldier in Horseman on the Roof, in 1995.

In 1996, Juliette Binoche played a military nurse caring for a dying soldier in The English Patient. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role.

In 2000, Binoche played the roving chocolatier in Chocolat, with Johnny Depp as her gypsy lover.

Juliette Binoche portrayed a woman who is stalked, along with her husband, by an unknown voyeur in the 2006 thriller, Cache.

On the work of her profession, Binoche stated, "Acting is like peeling an onion. You have to peel away each layer to reveal another."

Perhaps explaining why she turned down Steven Spielberg's movie offers a couple of times, she said, "I want to make films that are political and social. Films with a message or an idea. Films that dare to ask."

Juliette Binoche's notable movie credits include...

Liberty Belle (1983)
The Chicks (1985)
Hail Mary (1985)
Family Life (1985)
Bad Blood (1986)
Unbearable Lightness Of Being (1988)
Three Colours (1993)
Wuthering Heights (1992)
Damage (1992)
A Couch In New York (1966)
The Children Of The Century (1999)
The Lovers On The Bridge (1991)
Alice And Martin (1998)
Chocolat (2000)
The Assumption Of A Virgin (2002)
Decalage Horaire (2002)
Country Of My Skull (20040)
Bee Season (2005)
Hail Mary (1985)
Breaking And Entering (2006)
A Few Days in September (2006)
Dan In Real Life (2007)
Paris (2008)
Summer Hours (2008)

Juliette Binoche's television credits include...

Fort Bloque (TV Movie) (1985)
Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules (TV Movie) (1991)




Juliette Binoche in Dan in Real Life (2007).



Juliette Binoche in The English Patient (1996).




Binoche in Breaking and Entering (2006).


Juliette Binoche in Chocolat (2000).