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Josephine Hull, Award Winner –

Hull in HARVEY.

Josephine Hull: Best
Supporting Actress 1950:

HARVEY (Comedy – Not Rated)

Josephine Hull won her Supporting Oscar for playing the daffy, long suffering sister of a man whose friend is an invisible rabbit.

About Josephine Hull (1884 – 1957)

Josephine Hull studied acting at Radcliffe, against her parent's wishes. She began her acting career in Boston. When her husband died of the Spanish Flu Epidemic, she stopped acting for three years, picking up the reins again in 1923. Josephine Hull played both comedy and drama on Broadway. One of her notable roles was as a wacky family member in You Can't Take it With You. The play was so hugely successful, she was unable to work in the 1938 Frank Capra film adaptation, because she was still playing the part on Broadway.

In 1944, Hull played one of a pair of cute, comic, homicidal, elderly sisters who poison bums with elderberry wine. Not only did she create the role for the Broadway run of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, but she also starred in the 1950 film adaptation by Frank Capra, which also starred Cary Grant.

Hull was unforgettable as Elwood Dodd's continuously flustered old sister, in the 1950 comedy, HARVEY. Josephine created the role on Broadway, in the delightful and hugely successful play. The play tells the story of a tippler, whose family is so alarmed by his capriciousness - which seems to be centered around an imaginary 6 foot tall rabbit friend of his - that they send him to a mental institution. The Academy thought she was unforgettable, too, and awarded her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her work.

Josephine Hull continued working in films and also television theatricals until shortly before her death.

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Josephine Hull in HARVEY (1950).