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Joanne Woodward, Award Winner –

Woodward in PARIS BLUES.


Best Actress Academy Award - Joanne Woodward was just 23 years old when she played the psychotic heroine (with three personalities) in The Three Faces of Eve.

About Joanne Woodward (1930 – )
image-woodwardGeorgia-born American leading lady was married to Paul Newman.

In New York, she studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse and the Actor's Studio before her Broadway debut in Picnic.

She then appeared in about 100 live TV shows before being discovered by a Hollywood scout.

Joanne Woodward began acting in dramatic roles in television plays in 1952, which kept her busy for the next 5 years. Then, in 1957, she was cast in The Three Faces of Eve, as a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder, giving her the opportunity to play a vamp, a mousy housewife and a cool-headed woman. Her performance won her the Oscar for Best Actress.

In The Long, Hot Summer (1958), Joanne Woodward played an upscale gal with her husband, Paul Newman, who portrays an accused huckster, in the William Faulkner short story adaptation.

In 1968, Joanne Woodward played in Rachel, Rachel, as a middle-aged, repressed, small town school teacher, living with her mother above a funeral home, who slowly comes out of her shell. The film was directed by her husband, Paul Newman. Woodward was nominated for an Academy Award and the movie was nominated for Best Picture.

She was nominated for an Oscar for her performance. Woodward was again nominated in 1973 for her portrayal of a New Yorker, having a mid-life crisis, in Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams. Joanne Woodward played a psychiatrist treating a woman with multiple personalities in the 1976 movie, Sybil.
In 1991, Woodward received another nomination for Best Actress in the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, in which she played with her husband, Paul Newman, in the title roles.

Joanne Woodward has received acting nominations for:

Rachel, Rachel (1968)
Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973)
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge (1990)

Joanne Woodward's notable movie credits include...

Count Three And Pray (1955)
A Kiss Before Dying (1956)
No Down Payment (1957)
The Long Hot Summer (1958)
Rally Round The Flag Boys (1958)
The Sound And The Fury (1959)
From The Terrace (1960)
Paris Blues (1961
) The Stripper (1963)
Signpost To Murder (1964)
A Big Hand For The Little Lady (1966)
A Fine Madness (1966)
Winning (1969)
They Might Be Giants (1971)
The Drowning Pool (1975)
The End (1978)
Harry And Son (1984)
Mr. And Mrs. Bridge (1990)
Philadelphia (1993)
Even If A Hundred Ogres (1996)

Joanne Woodward's television credits include...

Sybil (1976)
See How She Runs (1978)
The Shadow Box (1980)
Foreign Affairs (Cable Movie 1993)
Blind Spot (Hallmark Hall Of Fame 1993)



Joanne Woodward in The Long Hot Summer.





Joanne Woodward in Philadelphia (1993).



Woodward in Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (1990).





Joanne Woodward in Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (1958).



Joanne Woodward, with her co-stars, in The End.