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Joanne Dru –

About Joanne Dru (1922 – 1996)

Discovered by a talent scout while working in the theater, Joanne made her screen debut in a film called Abie's Irish Rose (1946). Born in Logan, West Virginia, on January 31, 1922, she came to New York City, in 1940, at the age of eighteen.

After Joanne's screen debut in 1946, Joanne disappeared from view for nearly a year, during which time she concentrated on her marriage to singer Dick Haymes (the first of three husbands).

She returned to the big screen to become well know with her role of "Tess," in the classic Western, RED RIVER (1948). She followed that with another Western, entitled, "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949), again playing opposite John Wayne. Mostly remembered for her roles in Westerns, she also appeared in films like "All the King's Men" (1949), "The Pride of St. Louis" (1952), and "Hell on Frisco Bay" (1955).

When Western's were running out of steam, during the mid-1950s, Joanne turned to television where she appeared on shows such as "Playhouse 90" (1956). In 1960, Joanne was cast in the role of the Eastern Owner of a Dude Ranch in the television series, "Guestward Ho!" (1960).

Joanne Dru passed away on September 10, 1996, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.