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Joan Greenwood –

Joan-Greenwood Greenwood in SARABAND FOR DEAD LOVERS.

About Joan Greenwood (1921 – 1987)

Joan Greenwood was born on March 4, 1921 in Chelsea, London, England.

On February 27, 1987 Joan Greenwood passed away in London England, UK from a heart attack.

In 1995 Joan Greenwood was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history she was #63.

Making her debut Joan Greenwood was in John Smith's WAKES UP in 1940. Playing the great tyrant in 1968, Joan Greenwood had an uncredited role using her voice in BARBARELLA.

In 1966 Joan Greenwood was a Guest star on the hit series DISNEYLAND the episode was The Moon Spinners.

Shortly before her death Joan Greenwood completed her last film, in 1987 it was the adaptation of DICKENS LITTLE DORRIT.

A TV favorite Joan Greenwood had several role on popular TV mini's and series including MELBA in 1987 playing Madame Mathilde Marchesi in 1985 on the TV series GIRLS ON TOP playing Lady Chloe Carlton, and as Judith Harper in the series TRIANGLE.

Joan Greenwood's notable movie credits include...

TOM JONES (1963)
FLESH & BLOOD (1950)

Joan Greenwood in Flesh and Blood (1951)... top picture
with George Cole... bottom picture with Andrew Morell.
Greenwood in Kind Hearts and Coronets (1941).
london_production_of_lysistrata_pic1_1957 london_production_of_lysistrata_pic2_with_gary_raymond
Greenwood in a London production of Lysistrata (1957)...
bottom picture with Gary Raymond.
With Stewart Granger in Moonfleet (1955).
Greenwood with Herbert Lom, Michael Callan, Michael Craig, Dan
Jackson, Gary Merrill, and Beth Rogan in Mysterious Island (1961).
saraband_pic1_1948 saraband_pic2 saraband_pic3_with_david_horne_mercia_swinburne_jill_balcon_francoise_rosay
In Saraband for Dead Lovers (1948)... bottom picture with
David Horne, Mercia Swinburne, Jill Balcon, and Francoise Rosay.
With Dennis Price in The Bad Lord Byron (1949).
the_confidential_clerk_pic1_1954_with_douglas_watson the_confidential_clerk_pic2_with_douglas_watson
With Douglas Watson in The Confidential Clerk (1954).
In The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)...
top picture with Michael Redgrave.
With Alec Guiness in The Man in the White Suit (1951).
With Richard Attenborough in The Smugglers (1947).
Joan Greenwood and Albert Finney in Tom Jones (1963).