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Anne Baxter, Award Winner –


Anne Baxter: Best Supporting Actress 1946:


Anne Baxter won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for playing the unlucky young mother who, after losing her husband and child in an automobile accident, becomes an alcoholic in THE RAZOR'S EDGE.

About Anne Baxter (1923– 1985)

Anne Baxter was born May 7, 1923, in Michigan City, Indiana.

The daughter of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, Anne began dreaming of an acting career at the age of 13 when her family moved to New York City. After starring in a few small plays, Anne's love for theater prompted her to head west to Hollywood to try to start a career. But the young Baxter was turned down repeatedly due to her age. After returning home to NYC, Baxter continued building her resume via Broadway productions. Four years later, a "much older" Baxter made her way once again to Hollywood in hopes of a different outcome her second time around… and it was.

At only 17, Anne Baxter's screen test landed her a seven-year contract and her first film, "20 Mule Team" (1940), with MGM. In the same year, Anne would star in Fox's "The Great Profile" as Mary Maxwell. The following year she starred in "Swamp Water" (1941), but the less than spectacular film had the buzz about the young starlet slowly beginning to fade.

Determined to resurrect her name, Anne gave a stellar performance as Lucy Morgan, in 1942's "The Magnificent Ambersons" which prompted her to receive top billing for her following film, 1943's "The North Star".

Though popular with the public, her 1944's "Sunday Dinner for a Soldier" was weakly received by the critics. Nevertheless, it seems her decision to star in the film wasn't all together terrible when she latter married her co-star, John Hodiak, in 1947. After giving birth to her first child, Anne would soon divorce John in 1953, and go on to remarry twice more. Her second marriage resulted in two children. Her last marriage was to David Klee. They remained together until his death in 1978.

With her beauty and grace remaining constant, both on and off-screen, Baxter is described as "one of the women who shine[s] with special brilliance from midnight to five o'clock in the morning of the soul" (critic Andrew Sarisse).

In 1946, Anne did shine, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as Sophie MacDonald in "The Razor's Edge". It wasn't until four years later that she would land another prolific role as Eve Harrington, in 1950’s "All About Eve". Though the performance garnered her an Oscar nomination, she was beaten out by Judy Holliday for her performance in "Born Yesterday".

Several years later Anne landed the role as Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments", starring opposite Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner.

Deciding to free-lance her talents thereafter, Baxter was seen less frequently on the silver screen, until 1959's "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll". She then starred in 1960's "Cimarron" , and 1962's "Walk on the Wild Side", before taking a four-year hiatus from the movie business.

Instead, those four years were spent dabbling in television and stage roles. Anne landed recurring roles in the television series: "East of Eden" and "Hotel". Her final project cast her as Irene Adler in "Sherlock Holmes and the Masks of Death", in 1984. Anne Baxter would die the next year on December 12, 1985 of a brain aneurysm.

Anne Baxter's notable movie credits include...

20 Mule Team 1940
The Great Profile 1940
Charley's Aunt 1941
Swamp Water 1941
The Pied Piper 1942
The Magnificent Ambersons 1942
Crash Dive 1943
Five Graves to Cairo 1943
The North Star 1943
The Fighting Sullivans 1944
The Eve of St. Mark 1944
Sunday Dinner for a Soldier 1944
Guest in the House 1944
The Purple Heart 1944
A Royal Scandal 1945
Smoky 1946
Angel on My Shoulder 1946
The Razor's Edge 1946
Blaze of Noon 1947
Mother Wore Tights 1947
Homecoming 1948
The Walls of Jericho 1948
The Luck of the Irish 1948
Yellow Sky 1948
You're My Everything 1949
A Ticket to Tomahawk 1950
All About Eve 1950
Follow the Sun 1951
The Outcasts of Poker Flat 1952
O. Henry's Full House 1952
My Wife's Best Friend 1952
I Confess 1953
The Blue Gardenia 1953
Carnival Story 1954
Bedeviled 1955
One Desire 1955
The Spoilers 1955
The Come On 1956
The Ten Commandments 1956
Three Violent People 1957
Chase a Crooked Shadow 1958
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll 1959
Cimarron 1960
Mix Me a Person 1962
Walk on the Wild Side 1962
The Family Jewels 1965
Seven Vengeful Women 1966
The Busy Body 1967
Fools' Parade 1971
The Late Liz 1971
Jane Austen in Manhattan 1980

Anne Baxter's notable TV credits include...

General Electric Theater 1957
General Electric Theater 1958
General Electric Theater 1960
Playhouse 90 1958
Lux Playhouse 1958
Riverboat 1959
Wagon Train 1959
Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre 1959
The DuPont Show with June Allyson 1960
Checkmate 1960
The United States Steel Hour 1961
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 1963
Dr. Kildare 1964
The Loner 1965
Batman 1966–67
Stranger on the Run 1967
My Three Sons 1967
Cowboy in Africa 1967
The F.B.I. 1968
Run for Your Life 1968
Companions in Nightmare 1968
The Virginian 1968
Ironside 1968
Ironside 1969
The Name of the Game 1968
The Name of the Game 1969
The Name of the Game 1970
Marcus Welby, M.D. 1969
Marcus Welby, M.D. 1970
Marcus Welby, M.D. 1973
The Big Valley 1969
The Challengers 1970
Ritual of Evil 1970
Bracken's World 1970
If Tomorrow Comes 1971
The Catcher 1972
Columbo 1973
Cannon 1973
Love Story 1973
Banacek 1973
Mannix 1973
Lisa, Bright and Dark 1973
The Moneychangers 1976
Little Mo 1978
Nero Wolfe 1979
Hagen 1980
East of Eden 1981
The Love Boat 1981
The Love Boat 1985
Hotel 1983–86
The Masks of Death 1984


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