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Alicia Vikander, Award Winner –

Vikander in THE DANISH GIRL.

Alicia Vikander: Best Supporting Actress, 2015:

About Alicia Vikander (1988 – )

poster-the-danish-girl The Danish Girl (Drama – Rated R)

Alicia Vikander won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in the 2015 film The Danish Girl, a 2015 British biographical romantic drama directed by Tom Hooper, based on the 2000 novel of the same name by David Ebershoff. It is loosely based on the lives of Danish painters Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, and stars Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe, one of the first known recipients of sex change surgery.

Alicia Amanda Vikander was born in Gothenburg, the daughter of theater actress Maria (Fahl) Vikander and psychiatrist Svante Vikander. Her parents are from small villages in the north and south of Sweden. They separated when Vikander was two months old, and she was mostly raised by her mother. Alicia has five half-siblings on her father's side. While growing up, she says she got the best of both worlds, being an only child when she was with her mother, and being surrounded by a big family when she went to her father’s house every other week.

Vikander started her career as an actress at the age of seven, in a production of Kristina från Duvemåla at The Göteborg Opera, which was written by the Mamma Mia! creators Björn and Benny from ABBA; she performed in the play for three-and-a-half years. She appeared in several musicals at the Opera, including The Sound of Music and Les Misérables. In 1997 she took part in the TV4 kids' singing show Småstjärnorna.

Starting at age nine Vikander trained in ballet with the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg. At 15 she moved from Gothenburg to train at the ballet's upper school in Stockholm, where she lived on her own and worked to become a principal dancer. Soon she was traveling around the world for summer courses, training one summer at the School of American Ballet in New York City. At 16 she seriously considered leaving school to commit fully to a TV series she worked on with director Tomas Alfredson, in pursuit of her passion for acting. Injuries in her late teens undermined her dancing career. She auditioned for drama school but was turned down twice. At one point, she even entered law school, but she never attended; her dream was to be an actress.

Vikander's acting career picked up when she appeared in a series of short films and TV shows in Sweden. She became well known in Scandinavia for her role in the popular Swedish TV drama Andra Avenyn (2008–2010).

Vikander won critical acclaim for her feature film debut, playing the leading role of Katarina in the Swedish film Pure (2010). The film depicts the story of a troubled secretary, Katarina, who desperately tries to escape her life. Vikander won the Rising Star Award in 2010 at the Stockholm Film Festival with her performance, the Shooting Star Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, and the prestigious Guldbagge Award for Best Actress. In 2011, she had the leading role of Fragancia Fernandez, who is arrested for attempted murder, in The Crown Jewels.

In 2012, Vikander rose to international attention playing the role of Kitty in the English-language film adaptation of Anna Karenina, which starred Keira Knightley. The same year, Vikander added Danish to her repertoire by co-starring as Queen Caroline Mathilde in Nikolaj Arcel's A Royal Affair, which had its world premiere at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival and received with critical acclaim. The film went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film that year.

Vikander was named as one of the 10 Actors to Watch: Breakthrough Performances of 2012 at the 20th Hamptons International Film Festival, was nominated for BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2013, and received the Editor's Choice Award at the 2013 Elle Style Awards.

In 2013, she starred as German Pirate Party member Anke Domscheit-Berg in The Fifth Estate. The film saw mixed critical reactions; but some critics praised her performance. She also had the leading role of Erika in the Swedish film Hotell, for which she was awarded the Marrakech International Film Festival Award for Best Actress by jury president Martin Scorsese.

In 2014, she appeared in the Australian crime thriller Son of a Gun. As with The Fifth Estate, it received mixed reviews, but Vikander was praised for her work.

2015 was both a busy and a triumphant year for Vikander; she starred in six films, earning special praise -- and a Best Supporting Actress Oscar -- for her portrayal of painter Gerda Wegener in Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl, becoming only the second Swedish actress to be so honored. She also won a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Critics' Choice Award -- as well as a Golden Globe nomination and BAFTA Award for Best Actress.

Vikander has also gained public recognition and critical acclaim for her starring role as Artificial intelligence Ava in Alex Garland's cerebral sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, for which she received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for Best Supporting Actress.

She also had the leading role of pacifist Vera Brittain in Testament of Youth, alongside Kit Harington and Emily Watson. Testament of Youth was well received when released, with critics singling out Vikander for her performance. She also played the half-human/half-witch Alice Deane in the fantasy film Seventh Son (2015), narrated the Swedish documentary Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (2015), had the female leading role in the Guy Ritchie-directed action film The Man from U.N.C.L.E., based on the eponymous 1964 MGM TV series, and appeared in the 2015 film Burnt.

Alicia Vikander's movie credits include...

Year Movie Role
2006 Standing Outside Doors Alicia
2007 Darkness of Truth Sandra Svensson
2007 The Rain Dancer
2008 My Name is Love Fredrika
2009 Susans längtan Girl in Apartment
2010 Pure Katarina
2011 Jeu de chiennes The Swedish girl
2011 The Crown Jewels Fragancia Fernandez
2012 A Royal Affair Caroline Mathilde
2012 Anna Karenina Kitty
2013 Hotell Erika
2013 The Fifth Estate Anke Domscheit-Berg
2014 Testament of Youth Vera Brittain
2014 Son of a Gun Tasha
2014 Seventh Son Alice Deane
2015 Ex Machina Ava
2015 Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words Narrator
2015 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Gaby Teller
2015 Burnt Anne Marie
2015 The Danish Girl Gerda Wegener
2016 Jason Bourne
2016 The Light Between Oceans Isabel Sherbourne
2016 Tulip Fever Sophia

Alicia Vikander's television credits include...

Year Show/Series Role
2002 Min balsamerade mor Ebba Du Rietz
2005 En decemberdröm Tony
2007 Levande föda Linda
Andra Avenyn Jossan Tegebrandt Björn
2008 Höök Katarina

Oscar nominations/Awards won by Alicia Vikander include...

Year Movie Award
2015The Danish GirlBest Supporting Actress

Memorable Quotes by Alicia Vikander

“I'd love to continue to work in Europe and the US. What I'm looking for is the right film and if that's a big studio film, or a tiny film being shot in a few days in Europe, that's not what I'm thinking about - it's about the project and who I'm going to do it with.”

“It's almost a kick that I'm looking for. I like to push myself, find new sides of myself and see how different the characters are that I can create with my craft.”

[on being a brown-eyed, brown-haired, olive-skinned Swede] “I always get that question - where are your parents really from? Do you know where your dad's from? [My parents] are both from very small villages, from up north and south of Sweden. I'm [also] a quarter Finnish, but that doesn't really make me much darker.”

“I think I'm a big romantic, so being part of those stories, that's such a big part of anyone's life in general, that's such a humane thing.”

“Both my mom and my dad have always included me in intelligent conversations about people, about characters, about how people work. My dad and my mom still read all scripts that I find interesting.”

[on photographs of her private moments with her friends and boyfriend] “It was a shock to meet up with friends, then days later see a picture of you all, sitting outside a café, splashed across the media. You realize that someone was there, watching, while you were having a coffee with your friends. And you just feel violated.”

Things You May Not Know About Alicia Vikander

She got the part of Kitty in Anna Karenina after Saoirse Ronan turned it down, while she got the part of Alice in Seventh Son after Jennifer Lawrence backed out of the production.

One of Alicia's favorite experiences from the production of Anna Karenina (2012) was the filming that took place in the countryside outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. The temperatures dipped to -40 °C, and she stayed in a cabin for five days that didn't have hot water and only had benches instead of beds. Russian security guards protected her and co-star Domhnall Gleeson from wild wolves and bears that were present in the deserted area.

The directors she dreams to work with are Lars von Trier, Terrence Malick and Quentin Tarantino.

Before she mastered the Danish language she had to use in A Royal Affair (2012), she was able to practice all of her lines, since they had been recorded on her iPhone by one of her mother's friends.

She's currently in a relationship with Michael Fassbender. They met on the set of The Light Between Oceans.

Vikander is one of six Swedish actors to be nominated for an Academy Award. The others are Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Ann-Margret, Lena Olin and Max von Sydow.

_0000_alicia-vikander-ex-machina-pic1 _0001_alicia-vikander-ex-machina-pic2 _0002_alicia-vikander-ex-machina-pic3 _0003_alicia-vikander-ex-machina-pic4
Alicia Vikander as the enigmatic Ava in Ex Machina (2015).
_0004_alicia-vikander-the-danish-girl-pic1 _0005_alicia-vikander-the-danish-girl-pic3 _0006_alicia-vikander-the-danish-girl-pic4 _0007_alicia-vikander-the-danish-girl-pic5 _0008_alicia-vikander-the-danish-girl-pic6 _0009_alicia-vikander-the-danish-girl-pic7
Vikander won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her work in The Danish Girl (2015). With fellow Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne in pictures three, four and six.
_0010_alicia-vikander-the-man-from-uncle-pic1-with-armie-hammer _0011_alicia-vikander-the-man-from-uncle-pic2 _0012_alicia-vikander-the-man-from-uncle-pic3-with-henry-cavill
Vikander in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)... with Armie
Hammer in the top picture and Henry Cavill in picture three.
_0015_alicia-vikander-son-of-a-gun-pic2 _0016_alicia-vikander-son-of-a-gun-pic3
In Son of a Gun (2014).
_0018_alicia-vikander-seventh-son-pic1 _0019_alicia-vikander-seventh-son-pic2 photos
In Seventh Son (2014)... With Julianne Moore in bottom picture.
_0021_alicia-vikander-anna-karenina-pic1 photos photos _0024_alicia-vikander-anna-karenina-pic4
Vikander in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (2012)...
with Aaron Taylor Johnson in picture two.
_0025_alicia-vikander-the-fifth-estate-pic1 _0026_alicia-vikander-the-fifth-estate-pic2
As Anke Domscheit-Berg in The Fifth Estate (2013).
_0027_alicia-vikander-a-royal-affair-pic1 _0028_alicia-vikander-a-royal-affair-pic2 _0029_alicia-vikander-a-royal-affair-pic3
As Caroline Mathilde in A Royal Affair (2012).
_0030_alicia-vikander-hotell-pic1 _0031_alicia-vikander-hotell-pic2 _0032_alicia-vikander-hotell-pic3 _0033_alicia-vikander-hotell-pic4
Vikander in Hotell (2013).
In Burnt (2015).
Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender
in The Light Between Oceans (2016).