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Alan Ladd –

_alan-ladd-top-pic-appointment-with-danger Ladd in Appointment With Danger.

About Alan Ladd (1913– 1964)

Alan Walbridge Ladd, AKA "Laddie" or "Tiny," was born on September 3, 1913, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Alan passed away on January 29, 1964, in Palm Springs, California, from an acute overdose of alcohol and sedatives.

In 1936, Ladd married longtime friend, Midge. The expense of living together kept the two living apart for the first year until they could afford to move in together at their friend's apartment. That same year, 1937, Midge birthed Alan Jr. Alan's mother would commit suicide a few months after her grandson's birth.

With years of sacrifice and trouble marking Alan's adolescence, it was Ladd's resilient quality that finally landed him a successful career in the 1940s. He was discovered by talent scout Susan Carol in 1939. Alan Ladd's breakthrough role came as Raven, a psychotic murderer in the 1941 hit This Gun for Hire. After divorcing his wife the same year, Alan spent the rest of the decade living with his second wife, Susan Carol, and playing memorable tough-guy roles which packed the theatres. Alan Ladd was also one of very few males whose cover photos sold movie magazines.

In the 1950s Alan Ladd obtained lucrative roles that, despite their financial gain, offered little more in the way of success. The exception however, was 1953's Shane, which is considered by many to be Ladd's best film.

Alan Ladd has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A photograph of Alan's flogging scene in Two Years Before the Mast appeared on the cover of the 2004 book: Lash! The Hundred Greatest Scenes of Men Being Whipped in the Movies.

Alan Ladd was inaccurately included in the cast credits for Born to the West (1937) in studio publicity material. In fact, he was never in the film, despite the fact that it often shows up in his credits and even on the video box.

By 1931 Alan Ladd was training for the 1932 Olympics, but an injury forced him to cancel his plans.

Alan Ladd opened a hamburger stand called Tiny's Patio. He also worked as a grip at Warner's. Alan Ladd was drafted in January of 1943 and discharged November that year due to an ulcer and double hernia.

Alan Ladd's notable movie credits include...

1932 Tom Brown of Culver
1932 Once in a Lifetime
1933 Saturday's Millions
1936 Pigskin Parade
1937 The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Souls at Sea
1937 All Over Town
1937 Hold 'Em Navy
1937 Born to the West
1938 The Goldwyn Follies
1938 Come On, Leathernecks!
1938 Freshman Year
1939 The Mysterious Miss X
1939 Rulers of the Sea
1939 Hitler – Beast of Berlin
1940 American Portrait
1940 Blame it on Love
1940 Meat and Romance
1940 Unfinished Rainbows
1940 The Green Hornet
1940 Brother Rat and a Baby
1940 In Old Missouri
1940 The Light of Western Stars
1940 Gangs of Chicago
1940 Cross-Country Romance
1940 Those Were the Days!
1940 Captain Caution
1940 The Howards of Virginia
1940 Meet the Missus
1940 Victory
1940 Her First Romance
1941 I Look to You
1941 Petticoat Politics
1941 Citizen Kane
1941 The Black Cat
1941 Paper Bullets
1941 The Reluctant Dragon
1941 They Met in Bombay
1941 Great Guns
1941 Cadet Girl
1941 Military Training
1942 Joan of Paris
1942 This Gun for Hire
1942 The Glass Key
1942 Lucky Jordan
1942 Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Letter from a Friend
1943 China
1943 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood in Uniform
1944 Skirmish on the Home Front
1944 And Now Tomorrow
1945 Salty O'Rourke
1945 Duffy's Tavern
1945 Hollywood Victory Caravan
1946 Two Years Before the Mast
1946 The Blue Dahlia
1946 O.S.S.
1946 Screen Snapshots: The Skolsky Party
1947 My Favorite Brunette
1947 Calcutta
1947 Variety Girl
1947 Wild Harvest
1948 Saigon
1948 Beyond Glory
1948 Whispering Smith
1949 Eyes of Hollywood
1949 The Great Gatsby
1949 Chicago Deadline
1950 Captain Carey, U.S.A.
1950 Branded
1951 Appointment with Danger
1951 Red Mountain
1952 The Iron Mistress
1952 Thunder in the East
1952 A Sporting Oasis
1953 Botany Bay
1953 Desert Legion
1953 Shane
1953 The Red Beret
1954 Hell Below Zero
1954 Saskatchewan
1954 The Black Knight
1954 Drum Beat
1955 The McConnell Story
1955 Hell on Frisco Bay
1956 Santiago
1956 A Cry in the Night
1957 The Big Land
1957 Boy on a Dolphin
1958 The Deep Six
1958 The Proud Rebel
1958 The Badlanders
1959 The Man in the Net
1959 Island of Lost Women
1960 Guns of the Timberland
1960 All the Young Men
1960 One Foot in Hell
1961 Duel of Champions
1962 13 West Street
1964 The Carpetbaggers

Alan Ladd, Don Barclay, William Demarest, and
Will Wright in Whispering Smith (1949).
Alan Ladd in This Gun for Hire (1942)... second picture with Veronica Lake and Robert Preston... third picture with Lake... fourth picture with Lake and Preston... fifth and sixth pictures with Lake.
Ladd and Diane Brewster in The Man in the Net (1959).
Ladd in The Great Gatsby (1949)... top picture with Betty Field
and Barry Sullivan... bottom picture with MacDonald Carey.
Ladd in The Glass Key (1942)... top picture with Veronica Lake... second picture with Lake and Brian Donlevy... third picture with William Bendix... fourth picture with lake... bottom picture with Bonita Granville.
Ladd and Veronica Lake in The Blue Dahlia (1946).
With Patricia Medina in The Black Knight (1954).
Alan Ladd in Shane (1953)...
bottom picture with Brandon deWilde.
Ladd in Saskatchewan (1954)...
middle picture with Shelley Winters.
With Gail Russell in Salty O'Rourke (1945).
Ladd and Veronica Lake in Saigon (1948)...
top picture with Douglas Dick.
With Dolores Michaels in One Foot in Hell (1960).
With Mabel Paige in Lucky Jordan (1943).
With Jeanne Crain in Guns of the Timberland (1960).
Ladd with Arlene Dahl in Desert Legion (1953).
Ladd in China (1943).
Ladd with Irene Hervey in Chicago Deadline (1949).
photos star
Ladd in Calcutta (1947)... with Frank Baker, June Deprez, Edith King, Gavin Muir, and Bill Nind in second picture... third picture with William Bendix... bottom picture with Bendix and John Whitney.
Ladd with Sophia Loren in Boy on a Dolphin (1957).
Ladd with Donna Reed in Beyond Glory (1948).
Alan Ladd with Phyllis Calvert and
Paul Stewart in Appointment With Danger (1951).