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The Vince Vaughn Bio

The Vince Vaughn Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Wedding Crashers

Vaughn plays the long-suffering friend, refusing to abandon Owen Wilson in his efforts to win over Rachel McAdams, even if it means getting tied up in bed by his crazy "girlfriend" and then suffering the advances of her even crazier brother.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Break-Up (opposite Jennifer Aniston)
A Cool Dry Place (a single father)
Made (an improv gig with his pal from "Swingers," Jon Favreau)
Starsky & Hutch (the comic bad guy)
Anchorman (the rival anchorman to Will Ferrell)
Into the Wild (the friend and employer of the mysterious Alex Supertramp)
The Regular Guy Vince:
Wedding Crashers
The Break-Up
The Old School
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
The Real Vince Vaughn:
Swingers >

There is no doubt that Vince Vaughn plays the cool regular guy better than anyone and usually without an ounce of self-referential stupidity or over-the-top silliness of others in the Frat Pack. This, his breakout role, set the Vaughn in motion.
Acting Style:
The regular guy. Vaughn plays the guy who has no problem admitting he just wants to sit around and watch the game or play video games. Maybe because of this, and because of his tall, dark and handsome persona, he still has no problem getting the ladies. In fact, many of his roles put him in the position of leading other guys and showing them how to get the ladies, or advising them in other matters. He's the big brother you wish you had if you had to have a big brother.

Like others in the Frat Pack, Vaughn improvises with great skill, adding both humor and levels of character to his parts, and his delivery of lines – awfully fast for a Midwestern boy – adds even more character.
Bits and Quirks:
Pulls his head back and sticks out his belly. Delivers short (and sometimes not so short) lines rapid-fire. Hugs. Stands unnaturally still, sometimes just with a bit of a rolling of the eyes. Repeats his lines. A little shake of the head with his eyebrows raised.
Great Scenes:
Wedding Crashers

> Every scene with Vaughn is hilarious
> The "Shout" montage with all the women they "crash"
> Being tied up in bed by Isla Fisher
> The "virgin" scene on the beach and afterward


> Dozens of great scenes
> The Car Wash
> The intro with Vince walking through the health club
> The face-off with Ben Stiller
> The humiliation scene at the airport with Lance Armstrong

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

> Discussion with Brad Pitt at the diner on their predicament
> On the lookout at his mother's house with Pitt

The Break-up

> Playing video games with Jennifer Aniston's date
> Reacting to her nude walk to the kitchen after her "Telly Savalas" treatment

The Old School

> Leading the fraternity in the tests to be able to stay on campus
> Kidnapping the members of the frat


> Gang fight with Will Ferrell
If you like Vince Vaughn You probably didn't like:
Psycho (director Gus Van Sant was more of one than Vince)
The Cell (a waste of film)