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The Tim Allen Bio

The Tim Allen Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Toy Story

Perfect voice casting, since Allen's voice conveys that almost-macho mystique that he so brilliantly lampooned in his comedy act and then translated first to television success then to book and film success.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Galaxy Quest (Star Trek-style actor caught up in intergalactic warfare)
Wild Hogs (middle-aged dude on a motorcycle trip)
Shaggy Dog (the title canine, in the Disney remake)
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Santa Clause
Santa Clause 2
Santa Clause 3
The Real Tim Allen:
The Santa Clause

Tim Allen Dick (his real name, we'll say no more) was an ad guy by day and a comedian by night who took the magic suit that Disney handed him and somehow became the character that he was only pretending to be. Though the ex-con is probably neither as selfish nor as sweet as he is in the film, the metamorphosis is definitely Tim.
Acting Style:
Tim Allen purposely waited until Disney handed him a television character who was the same as his stand-up character. Such wisdom should be rewarded and no doubt is. Tim Allen is not (yet?) a Steve Martin, who can transform himself several times over. He is the "tool guy," a regular Joe trying to prove his own machismo, mostly to himself. The resulting lovable but often self-absorbed character is his constant throughline, from Buzz to Scott Calvin to Luther Krank to Captain Zoom, and it's what we want from him.
Bits and Quirks:
The fast talk. The false smile. The funny growl. The double take. The rolling of the eyes and other pseudo-macho gestures.
Great Scenes:
Toy Story

> The "falling with style" scene where Buzz fools himself and everyone but Woody into thinking he can fly.
> The various fights with Woody.
> Giving up after he finds out he can't fly.

The Santa Clause

> The scenes in the ad agency with his boss, Peter Boyle, after he's gained weight and grown the beard.
> Discovering what it's like to be Santa.

The Santa Clause 2

The robotic fascist Santa, knocking around elves.

Wild Hogs

> Burning down the bar.
> confronting the bikers in the small town.
> Home makeover with the new bar.

Galaxy Quest

> Fighting the bad aliens.
> Apologizing to the good aliens.
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