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The Scarlett Johansson Bio

The Scarlett Johansson Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Films:

The Prestige
& The Woody Allen Triumvirate

Many folks love "Lost in Translation." It's not Scarlett's fault that Bill Murray is asleep in it. "The Prestige" is a brilliant film, though, and Scarlett is definitely part of its success. Meanwhile, Woody Allen works better magic with the Scarlett woman than he's done with any of his leading ladies since Diane Keaton.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Girl with a Pearl Earring (Golden Globe nominated performance as the maid and model for Colin Firth's Vermeer)
Manny &a Lo (young orphan on the run)
Ghost World (outsider and recent high school grad, with Thora Birch)
The Other Boleyn Girl (Mary Boleyn, sister and rival of Natalie Portman, as Ann Boleyn)
Nanny Diaries (nanny to wealthy Manhattan family run by Laura Linney)
An American Rhapsody (a girl caught between a life in America and Eastern Europe)
The Good Woman (defends her marriage against maneuvers of Helen Hunt)
Black Dahlia (wife of '40s detective Aaron Eckhart)
In Good Company (Dennis Quaid's daughter, opposite his much younger boss, Topher Grace)
The Prestige (lover and spy caught between rival magicians Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman)
Lost in Translation (Bill Murray's friend in Tokyo)
The Island (an escaped clone, with Ewan McGregor)
He's Just Not That Into You (seductress of Bradley Cooper, husband of Jennifer Connelly)
The Horse Whisperer (a girl traumatized by an accident with her horse, with Robert Redford)
Iron Man 2 (Tony Stark's new assistant)
Woody Allen's Scarlett:
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (a love triangle with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz)
Match Point (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a demanding lover in triangle with Rhys-Meyers)
Scoop (budding reporter trying to get the goods on Hugh Jackman)
The Real Scarlett Johansson:
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Not because she's in some love triangle, though one would hardly even notice if that news suddenly graced the covers of the tabloids, but because she's in a state of restless seeking. Instead of trying to find herself through photography, Scarlett has followed her costar Gwyneth Paltrow, and gone from actor to singer. Though one would think that means she is about as good a singer as most singers are actors, as with Paltrow it's quite the opposite. Scarlett needs a movie role where she really lets those pipes shine.
Acting Style:
Overt sexuality. Many of the sexiest screen stars have a layer or two of coy, or something, that stands between both you and that guy on screen. Not so with Scarlett. True to the old-fashioned connotations of her name, she is out there, ready. Like many of today's most beautiful starlets, this also makes her prime for being an action star. Somehow in the Freudian playland that is Hollywood, or more accurately, the collective minds of Hollywood producers, now both male and female, there is a natural progression from siren to superhero, as if showing ass and kicking ass were inextricably linked.
Bits and Quirks:
Puffing up those lips, both with the mouth closed and a little open. Classical screen siren poses from long ago, including aggressive flirtation. Good pensive far away moments, again led by the mouth more than the eyes. The great strange low voice.
Great Scenes:
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

> The proposal by Javier in the restaurant
> The three way with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem
> Watching Javier paint
> Throwing up in Javier's bathroom
> The fight with Penelope Cruz when she decides to leave

He's Just Not That Into You

> Seducing Bradley Cooper in the swimming pool
> Making love to Cooper in the office before being interrupted by his wife
> Waiting in the closet while his wife seduces Cooper, and being angry with him afterward

Match Point

> The ping pong table scene with Rhys-Meyers
> Threatening him if he doesn't leave his wife
> The many steamy sex scenes


> Snooping around the wine cellar with Woody Allen
> On the pond with Hugh Jackman
> Showing up after he thinks he has killed her
> In the magic booth at the beginning

The Island

> Fighting Ewan McGregor

The Girl With The Golden Earring

> The final reveal of the pearl earring
> Slapping the spoiled daughter
> The first time meeting Colin Firth as Vermeer
> Playing messenger for Vermeer to his patron Tom Wilkinson
> Getting thrown out by Vermeer's wife
> Talking about the color of the clouds with Firth
> Mixing colors with him

Iron Man 2

> Meeting Robert Downey Jr.
> Fight scene