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The Ryan Reynolds Bio

The Ryan Reynolds Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Indies

Usually a star like Reynolds would have made a major contribution to a blockbuster, but his big roles in Buried and Definitely Maybe and his contributions to The School of Life and even Paper Man make those films the superior ones. Give him time. There will definitely be a better candidate for best film.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Definitely Maybe (going through a divorce, establishes new relationship with daughter Abigail Breslin)

Buried (buried alive in a coffin with just a lighter and cellphone)

The Nines (an actor on a metaphysical journey, with Hope Davis)

Paper Man (imaginary friend of Jeff Daniels)

The School of Life (the cool teacher and threat to David Paymer, the not so cool teacher)

Chaos Theory (an anal-retentive efficiency expert who goes off the deep end)

Smokin' Aces (FBI agent protecting mob informant Jeremy Piven)

Finder's Fee (a divorced loser in a poker game, with James Earl Jones)
X-Men Origins (Wade, the swordsman)

Green Lantern (the title superhero)

Blade: Trinity (king of the vampire slayers)

Adventureland (the cool mechanic)
Funny Ryan Reynolds:
The Change-Up (single playboy switching bodies with husband and father Jason Bateman)

The Proposal (Sandra Bullock's secretary and pretend fiancé)

Van Wilder (a college playboy making a career of partying)

Buying the Cow (a ladies man undergoing sexual confusion around a friend's wedding)

Just Friends (a recording exec who tries to win over his high-school crush)

The In-Laws (the groom and spy Michael Douglas's son)
The Real Ryan Reynolds:
The Proposal >

Reynolds ended up marrying co-star Sandra Bullock. Though she plays the Canadian in the movie, it is Reynolds that is the Canadian in this relationship.
Acting Style:
Cool but accessible. Even in the superhero movies, Reynolds' true style comes about in showing his vulnerable, and therefore funny and romantic sides. He's racking up points as the sexiest this or that, but that's only good for selling cheap magazines. Reynolds is a better actor than settling for posing in superhero or romantic shots. He has some heavy bankability as a romantic-comedy lead, but the action films pay more.
Bits and Quirks:
The softer, mellower, even weaker voice, which betrays his good looks and helps to reveal the vulnerability. The simpleminded stare. The quick delivery of lines, especially the sarcastic ones.
Great Scenes:
The Proposal

> With Sandra Bullock, running into each other naked
> Lying to the boss about their being married
> Proposing to Sandra in the end


> The nine-month pregnant Tatiana
> The porn scene
> Telling Bateman's wife, Leslie Mann, about their switch, and trying to prove it to her and getting slapped
> Trading "rides"

Paper Man

> Wrestling with Jeff Daniels, trying to keep him away from Emma Stone
> Discussing with Kieran Culkin about being an imaginary friend
> Saying good-bye and flying away
> The last scene, "waving" to Daniels

School Of Life

> The Civil War battle on school grounds
> The introductory speech

Green Lantern

> Making the track to save the helicopter
> The training session
> Battling the Parallax at the sun

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

> Out of the elevator, deflecting the thousand bullets with his swords
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