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The Russell Crowe Bio

The Russell Crowe Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

A Beautiful Mind

Possibly because he was going through a spate of bad press and possibly because he had just won Best Actor the year before for the title role in "Gladiator", Crowe was the only major factor in the film who didn't win an Oscar. (The editors and make-up were equally deserving, though.)

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Body of Lies (CIA veteran, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio)
State of Play (A D.C. investigative journalist)
LA Confidential (brilliant debut as a detective)
A Beautiful Mind (Oscar-nominated, SAG and Golden Globe-winning performance as schizophrenic scientist John Nash)
The Insider (Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated performance as whistle-blowing scientist Jeffrey Wigand)
A Good Year (trader turned bon vivant)
Mystery, Alaska (a hockey player)
The Sum of Us (a gay plumber)
Romper Stomper (a skinhead)
Proof (a dishwasher)
Gladiator (Golden Globe-nominated, Oscar-winning performance in title role)
American Gangster (a detective)
3:10 to Yuma (charismatic outlaw)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Golden Globe-nominated performance as British naval captain)
Cinderella Man (Golden Globe-nominated performance as too-old boxer Jim Braddock)
The Real Russell Crowe:
It would be easy to be dismissive and compare Crowe to the fighters he has played, or even to the short-tempered scientist in "The Insider". His bursts of temper, though, seem so trivial; one can only suspect that his fame (and moreover the tabloids who prey on his fame) push the stories out of all proportion. The real Russell is a musician. He's also a consummate perfectionist in an industry that simultaneously bemoans, betrays and bestows awards for such pursuits.
Acting Style:
Though the obsessive actor that Robert Downey, Jr. plays in "Tropic Thunder" was rumored to parody Crowe, it's clearly a parody of the whole "method" and the fine actors who have embraced it, including, of course, Downey, himself. Though Crowe has the build for an action star, he has the chops for virtually anything. His face is so expressive he can bring out the humanity of any character. It's almost a shame that he won the Oscar for "Gladiator", which doesn't use his talents to nearly the degree that director Ron Howard has elicited in all three of their films together: "The Insider", "A Beautiful Mind" and "Cinderella Man".
Bits and Quirks:
Crowe employs the odd little-boy smile often to break the tension in his dramatic moments. He's got more than anyone's share of empathetic soul-revealing stares. The most visible quirk, though, is a strange walk that belies back trouble.
Great Scenes:
A Beautiful Mind

> The "flash" scenes where he sees patterns
> Arguing with his chief delusion, Ed Harris
> Standing for hours staring at a wall of code in the Pentagon
> Almost drowning his baby son in the bathtub
> Receiving the pens at Princeton
> The shock treatment
> The speech at the Nobel Prizes

The Insider

Recording the 60 Minutes segment
> Testifying in Mississippi
> Staring at the Brown & Williamson building across the street from his hotel room

A Good Year

> The opening scene showing his ability as a trader
> Falling into the swimming pool
> The date at the movies, the love scene and the talk the morning after

Master and Commander

> The battle scenes, particularly the "fake-out"
> Playing music with his friend, the doctor
> Dealing with the inept officer


> All the fights, particularly with Joaquin Phoenix at the end
> The battle scene at the beginning
> Discovering the murders of his family
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The Quick and the Dead
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