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The Rachel McAdams Bio

The Rachel McAdams Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Wedding Crashers

A sophisticated nuanced performance and more than enough to bring professional crasher Owen Wilson in from the party, McAdams makes you ache to have her dump her overbearing preppy misogynistic fiancé, Bradley Cooper, and forgive Owen his many trespasses.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Wedding Crashers (a wealthy bridesmaid, opposite Owen Wilson)
Mean Girls (the meanest high-school girl of them all, with Lindsay Lohan)
The Notebook (love story, opposite real-life love, for a time, Ryan Gosling)
Red Eye (potential terrorist victim of Cillian Murphy)
The Time Traveler's Wife (title role, opposite Eric Bana)
Married Life (a murderous triangle with Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan)
The Family Stone (ensemble cast all bent on not welcoming Sarah Jessica Parker into the family)
State of Play (a reporter helping out Russell Crowe)
The Real Rachel McAdams:
The Notebook

We should all have such a lovely romance as the mirror of our true selves. In this case, though, Rachel and costar Ryan Gosling actually did mirror their onscreen romance – for a few years, anyway.
Acting Style:
Though clearly she possesses the beauty, and perhaps more important, the intensity of a great romantic lead, with a similar patrician bearing as Natalie Portman, when Rachel is at her best she's not going for the warm embrace but the cold stare. As with her brilliant "Mean Girls" role, she can be a man- or woman-killer and make you like it.
Bits and Quirks:
The sly eyes, which she works overtime for adoration, passion, evil, or just plain beauty. Same with the mouth. Cocks her head forward to add variety to the looks, particularly while pulling in her shoulders in a self-embrace. The yelling whine when she's not getting her way. Also good at reversing all that in a moment to show disabling arrogance.
Great Scenes:
The Wedding Crashers

> Every moment with Owen, beginning with the "guess the present" scene
> The touch football game
> The sister's wedding

Mean Girls

> Getting run over
> Discovering she's been fooled into eating high-calorie bars by Lohan
> Dissing her mom in front of the girls

The Family Stone

> The slapstick slip-sliding in the kitchen
> Intimidating Sarah Jessica Parker

The Notebook

> Taking Ryan Gosling's pants down on the Ferris wheel
> Lying in the middle of the street
> The mutual stripping and quirky aborted love scene in the beginning
> Having it out with Joan Allen as her mother (two or three times)
> The nervous bride sitting in the bathtub
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