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The Natalie Portman Bio

The Natalie Portman Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:


Jude Law. Clive Owen. Julia Roberts. Natalie Portman. Mike Nichols director. The four actors literally playing their hearts out in love entanglements. The fact that Natalie is nine years younger than the next youngest of these super-talents almost says it all. The fact that she (and Clive) were the ones who won the Golden Globes says the rest.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Brothers (wife of Tobey Maguire, a Marine presumed dead in Afghanistan)
New York, I Love You (part of a collection of short films and big stars)
Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
Closer (breathtaking mix of unrequited lovers)
Beautiful Girls (idiots compare this role to Lolita but the brilliance of her young (13) performance is how it transcends Lolita's sensuality)
Where the Heart Is (gives new meaning to the term "Wal-Mart special")
Goya's Ghosts (the famous painter's model)
V for Vendetta
Anywhere but Here (as Susan Sarandon's daughter, trying to cut the apron strings)
The Professional (first film, revealed staggering promise)
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (the shopkeeper of a magical toy store)
Garden State (life-force girl)
Star Wars
Cold Mountain
The Real Natalie Portman:
Garden State

Combined with the heart of "Closer" and the soul of "Beautiful Girls," "Garden State" portrays the life-giving energy that is behind the soft voice and the often-times close-to-the-vest style. It's no wonder that she was writer/director Zach Braff's first and only choice for the role.
Acting Style:
Classy. You can tell the difference between Natalie and the similarly blessed Keira Knightley (by their voices and) by the fact that Natalie plays real people, plays them quietly, and makes them so that "we can't take our eyes off of you" to paraphrase the song from "Closer."

Like the all-time great actresses, Portman conveys a patrician intelligence and grace, even playing a stripper. Plus, she adds an energy and sincere joie de vivre, and a dead-on delivery of every single syllable.
Bits and Quirks:
Few if any. A weird penchant for crossing her arms, but mostly in the undirected "Star Wars." You know she's using some "stage tricks" with that magnificent voice, but the technique is virtually undetectable in the acting.
Great Scenes:
Garden State

> The good-bye scene at the airport
> Sitting in the bathtub
> The "infinite abyss" scene, screaming at the quarry


> Breaking up with Jude Law

Star Wars Episode I

> She was the most fun in the first episode, with the bizarre make-up and hair and her dual role
> Scenes with the young Anakin
> Though not yet 17, she more than holds her own opposite Liam Neeson in the "you presume too much" scene
> Capturing the bad guys

Beautiful Girls

> Putting Tim Hutton off balance with her unblemished straightforwardness
If you like Natalie Portman You probably didn't like:
Mars Attacks (Tim Burton's bust)
Heat (ridiculous Michael Mann tripe)
Everyone Says I Love You (but not to director Woody Allen)
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