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The Morgan Freeman Bio

The Morgan Freeman Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Films:

Million Dollar Baby / The Shawshank Redemption / Driving Miss Daisy / Unforgiven

Can you guess which of these films didn't win "Best Picture"? Wrong. "Miss Daisy" beat out "Dead Poets Society" and "My Left Foot." "Shawshank" lost, as everything did, to the epic triumph "Forrest Gump." Three of these films are in the AFI's Top 100 of all time, and all four rely deeply on Freeman's pivotal genius to enjoy their classic status.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Million Dollar Baby (Golden globe-nominated and Oscar-winning performance as a trainer, alongside Clint Eastwood)
Bruce Almighty (God, with Jim Carrey)
Evan Almighty (God, redux, with Steve Carell)
Lucky Number Slevin (a gangster chief)
Lean on Me (a principal of a tough New Jersey high school)
Driving Miss Daisy (Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning performance as Southern chauffeur Hoke)
An Unfinished Life (sidekick to Robert Redford on a ranch)
Gone Baby Gone (a cop, in tight Ben Affleck-directed drama)
Nurse Betty (eccentric assassin gunning for Renee Zellweger)
Invictus (Nelson Mandela, again directed by Eastwood)
Feast of Love (a wise dispenser of advice)
Along Came A Spider (forensics expert Alex Cross)
Batman Begins (Bruce Wayne's R&D guy)
The Dark Knight (Bruce Wayne's R&D guy, with a raise)
The Shawshank Redemption (Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated performance as Red, the prisoner who can acquire any object, opposite Tim Robbins)
Wanted (head of a brotherhood of assassins)
Glory (grave digger in Union army)
Se7en (detective, opposite Brad Pitt)
Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood's sharpshooting sidekick)
Robin Hood (the Moor, with Kevin Costner)
Bucket List (guy taking one last adventure, with Jack Nicholson)
Amistad (freed slave turned abolitionist)
Deep Impact (the President)
The Sum of all Fears (head of the CIA, opposite Ben Affleck)
The Real Morgan Freeman:
Feast of Love

A guy who has made himself integral to the life of a small town. Morgan Freeman owns a restaurant in his home away from Hollywood, the very bosom of the blues, Clarksdale, Mississippi. He doesn't seem to have played any restaurateurs or even musicians, and wisely steers away from any Southern roles. Look him up on the Food network, Electric Company episodes, or any of his many brilliant Broadway roles for the Morgan you never knew.
Acting Style:
Quiet authority and kindness (aka God). Actually, as confident and calm as he is, and as much fun as he is to listen to, Freeman's finest roles are almost all as the reliable pal/partner/sidekick supporting roles. He's the kind of guy that a Clint or a Jack or a Christian would want to hang with or have watching their backs. He is also the sassy but reliable moral compass, literally supporting his co-stars, even when he isn't God.
Bits and Quirks:
The practiced even tone and the quiet authoritative voice. Big hearty smile with one quick chuckle. A good stare, particularly with the head cocked a little forward and looking up, as from a desk. A great stare of complete surprise. The high-pitched voice of outrage, usually in the form of a rhetorical question; this voice, probably on purpose, lets in varying amounts of his Southern accent.
Great Scenes:
Million Dollar Baby

> Conversations with Eastwood over his socks
> Giving advice to Hilary Swank about the hit bags
> Knocking out the jerk fighter


> Meeting the blind gunslinger


> Going aboard the slave ship


> The final scene in the desert with Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt


> Showing Jim McAvoy the "knitting factory"
> the circle at the end
> the training exercises

The Shawshank Redemption

> Before the Parole Board, particularly the last time
> Finding the box at the fence and checking to make sure no-one sees him

Evan Almighty

Appearing to Evan in the back of the car

The Bucket List

> Skydiving
> racing the cars
> the talk at the top of the Great Pyramid
> Having it out with Nicholson in front of his daughter's house

Lean on Me

> The vice principal telling him off
> the assembly before the test
> the students protesting outside of the school board and his speech to them

Batman Begins

> Developing Batman's high-tech gear with Christian Bale

Along Came a Spider

> The stand-off with the kidnapper
> Outside the Russian embassy
> Rescuing the girl at the end
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