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The Michelle Pfeiffer Bio

The Michelle Pfeiffer Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Films:

The Fabulous Baker Boys
& Dangerous Liaisons

Michelle made "Baker Boys," even more than the titled Bridges boys, showing off so much talent in so many ways. As great as that film is, it's no match for "Dangerous Liaisons," where her contribution is a major factor in its success.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Love Field (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a Texas woman obsessed with JFK and Jackie)
Frankie and Johnny (Golden Globe-nominated performance as waitress Frankie, opposite Al Pacino's Johnny)
What Lies Beneath (opposite Harrison Ford, a woman who thinks her house is haunted)
White Oleander (crazy, artistic imprisoned mother of Alison Lohman)
The Deep End of the Ocean (a mother who loses her son only to have him turn up nine years later)
The Story of Us (a strange romantic comedy with Bruce Willis)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Titania, Queen of the Fairies)
One Fine Day (single mom opposite George Clooney's single dad)
Into the Night (an airhead trying to escape assassins, with Jeff Goldblum)
The Fabulous Baker Boys (Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning performance as a chanteuse with Jeff and Beau Bridges on pianos)
Dangerous Liaisons (Oscar-nominated performance as Madame de Tourvel, opposite John Malkovich)
The Age of Innocence (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a scandalous woman in 19th-century New York, opposite Daniel Day-Lewis)
The Russia House (Golden Globe-nominated performance as Katya, a Cold War Russian book editor, opposite Sean Connery)
Married to the Mob (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a Mob widow with a crush on FBI agent Matthew Modine)
Scarface (cokehead mistress to gangster Al Pacino)
Stardust (a witch trying to hold on to her youth)
Batman Returns (Catwoman, with Danny DeVito as Penguin and Michael Keaton as Batman)
Hairspray (a television station manager and evil stage mom)
The Witches of Eastwick (with Cher and Susan Sarandon, conjures up devil Jack Nicholson)
Wolf (in love with werewolf Jack Nicholson)
Ladyhawke (opposite Rutger Hauer, a woman under a spell who turns into a hawk every evening, just as her wolf lover turns into a man)
The Real Michelle Pfeiffer:
One Fine Day

Hard-working, extremely dedicated mom meets a successful writer and falls in love in spite of herself.
Acting Style:
Ageless. Versatile. Look at her best films: period pieces, action, heavy drama; sure there are the love stories, but there is also the comedy, especially comedy that relies on perfect delivery of lines; and there is self-effacing comedy. In "Hairspray," the ex-Miss California does a brilliant number as Miss Baltimore Crabs. In "Stardust," the mysteriously non-aging star plays a witch seeking an elixir of youth. She's played as many crazies as her pal Jack. And the Russian accent in the brilliant "Russia House." And the even more brilliant singing, in "Baker Boys." That's the kind of acting chops that has earned her six Golden Globe nominations, and one victory.
Bits and Quirks:
Those lips. Even with Angelina Jolie on the scene, those lips are the sexiest body part in Hollywood, and Michelle uses them. The pout, of course. Even the wide smile does something. A good, strong fierce stare. An assortment of huge laughs. Great with accents, from serious Russian to comic New York (further than you think). A way of gargling lines to get a low, throaty sound. A shoulder-rocking thing. A slow-moving series of poses, as if modeling, but it works.
Great Scenes:
The Story of Us

> Following the house
> The "got me" scene, wearing the pith helmet with the siren
> Making love on the butcher block in the kitchen, interrupted by tooth-fairy duties
> In bed with Bruce Willis's and her parents
> Crazy speech at camp


> Saying good-bye for the last time
> Saying good-bye before the wedding
> The tête-à-têtes with Kathy Bates
> The garden room with the other ex-courtesans


> The fight at the castle
> Getting steadily uglier with each evil spell
> The transformation into beautiful, in front of the mirror

Frankie and Johnny

> The bowling alley
> The flower mart and the corsage

The Fabulous Baker Boys

> Singing "Makin' Whoopee" on Jeff Bridges piano
> Auditioning with "More than You Know"
> Saving the day on stage, after she drops her notes

Batman Returns

> Fighting Batman on the rooftops
> Kissing, or rather licking, Batman
> Discussing the downfall of Batman with Danny DeVito, as the Penguin, including "swallowing" the canary
> Breaking into the department store and practicing the whip
> Going crazy in her apartment prior to her transformation
> Killing Shrek

The Russia House

> Refusing Sean Connery's overtures
> "If you love peace," giving Connery the notes

The Witches of Eastwick

> The seduction in the pool


> The discussion on integrating the show
> The Miss Baltimore Crabs number