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The Michelle Monaghan Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Eagle Eye / Gone Baby Gone

As the sidekick detective and ultimately alter ego to Casey Affleck, Monaghan helped make "Gone Baby Gone" a superior film. As the lead and unwilling partner of Shia LaBeouf, Monaghan shares the core of an exciting action adventure that lets her employ a range of talents.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Trucker (an independent woman and trucker forced to take care of her 11-year-old son)
Gone Baby Gone (with Casey Affleck, a Boston private investigator trying to solve the kidnapping of a neighborhood child)

Made of Honor (asks long-time pal Patrick Dempsey to be her maid of honor but he's in love with her himself)

The Heartbreak Kid (the woman Ben Stiller falls in love with on his honeymoon)

Winter Solstice (girlfriend of a confused boy who tragically lost his mother)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Robert Downey Jr.'s girlfriend)

Machine Gun Preacher
Source Code (the girl on the train that Jake Gyllenhaal is time-traveling in order to rescue)

Eagle Eye (trying to foil an assassination plot and save her son, with Shia LeBeouf)

Mission Impossible 3 (Tom Cruise's fiancé)

Due Date (Robert Downey Jr.'s pregnant wife for whom he's desperately trying to get home by the title deadline)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Bourne Supremacy
The Real Michelle Monaghan:
Trucker / Eagle Eye

Monaghan has a trucking license, which she earned while shooting the film. It is the determination and grit beneath the charm and beauty that she has for the big haul, the same that she shows in rescuing her son in "Eagle Eye."
Acting Style:
Adventurous girl next door. She acts with German-Irish toughness and determination, and is still able to play much younger than she is. In fact, in "Trucker" she doesn't look old enough to have an eleven-year-old son. The youth and determination are mixed in with a great puckish smile that add a tone of fun to even the tough road.
Bits and Quirks:
Works the eyes and the high arching eyebrows, with a knowing or cute/sexy or impish look. Great all-knowing smile. Gets down and dirty frequently, then changes the eyes to a determined squint. Interesting playful voice. Great emotive face, getting serious, too.
Great Scenes:

> The boy runs away when they're at the truck stop
> Heart to heart out in the desert
> She makes no secret about not wanting him when he is dropped off


> Brings Ben Stiller over to meet the family
> Down on the beach at the end
> Ben crawls into her bedroom
> Finds out that Ben is married and is on his honeymoon


> Dealing with Shia LeBeouf in the SUV, dodging traffic
> Under the power lines, meeting the guy
> In the big computer room with Eagle Eye
> At the Capitol for her son's concert
> On the garbage barge


> Patrick Dempsey "tells" her how he feels, but it's interrupted by all the maids of honor
> The big kiss in the bar
> Pepper sprays Dempsey


> The opening with Philip Seymour Hoffman with a gun to her head, in front of Tom Cruise
> The same scene further into the movie
> The reunion at IM headquarters at the end


> Getting the lowdown from police chief Morgan Freeman
> Getting the confession in the bar
> Pleading with partner Casey Affleck not to call the police