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The Mark Wahlberg Bio

The Mark Wahlberg Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Departed

Wahlberg works best with alter egos Damon and DiCaprio and here he has both. A director like Scorsese doesn't make the kind of monumental mistakes as giving a pivotal role to the lesser actor Mark unless he knows he is well within his (Boston? Cop?) comfort zone.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Boogie Nights (porn star Dirk Diggler)
Invincible (a Philly bartender turned pro football player)
We Own the Night (a cop and good son of Robert Duvall)
The Shooter (a sharpshooter)
I Heart Huckabees
Four Brothers
The Basketball Diaries (opposite Leonardo DiCaprio)
The Lovely Bones (with Rachel Weisz, the parent of a murdered girl watching from heaven)
The Departed (Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated performance as a Boston cop)
The Perfect Storm (fisherman, opposite Clooney)
Three Kings (Gulf War soldier, opposite Clooney and Ice Cube)
Rock Star
The Happening
Planet of the Apes
The Real Mark Wahlberg:

Okay, it's not a movie, but it is all about Wahlberg's strange rise to stardom. For his violent past, his still unruly temper, Boston upbringing, dual nature, "Departed" is pretty close, and justly ironic in his being on this side of the law this time.
Acting Style:
How do you get rid of the nickname Marky Mark? You appear in a film with Nicholson, DiCaprio and Damon and you're the one who gets the Oscar nomination. The criminal turned rapper turned underwear model turned actor still doesn't have the greatest of ranges, but he's made some awfully good (mostly action) movies better with his appearance.
Bits and Quirks:
Boston accent. Strange hair. Fast speaking. Funny blank stare. Generic look that all but disappears on the screen until he says something with that accent.
Great Scenes:
The Departed

> Fast-talking tirades, particularly to the Feds about undercover cops and interviewing DiCaprio
> The surprise ending


> The try-outs
> Talking with coach Greg Kinnear
> Getting slammed his first time out
> The big play in the big game
> Playing in the rain and mud with his pals

The Perfect Storm

> The final wave scene


> Attacking the bad guys at the end from below the floor
> Attacking the house and talking to the other sharpshooter
> The scene with the Attorney General

The Happening

> Walking through the field, escaping the "plants"
> People throwing themselves off of buildings
> The paranoid people on the porch
> The farmhouse

We Own The Night

> The bust of Joaquin Phoenix's bar
> The brotherly scenes with Phoenix
If you like Mark Wahlberg You probably didn't like:
Renaissance Man
Planet of the Apes
The Truth About Charlie
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