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The Marion Cotillard Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

A Good Year

Cotillard is the first person to win an Academy Award for a performance in another language, so her critically acclaimed capturing of Edith Piaf is even more impressive. Though the film suffers just a bit from its style of jumping around chronologically, her performance doesn't. Though this is her best performance, she has also been instrumental in other superior films, notably "Inception" and "Midnight in Paris."
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
La Vie en Rose (Golden Globe and Oscar-winning performance as Edith Piaf)
Nine (Golden Globe and SAG-nominated performance as the wife of director Daniel Day Lewis)
Rust and Bone (Golden Globe and SAG-nominated performance as a killer-whale trainer)
A Very Long Engagement (woman bent on revenge for the unjust treatment of her fiancé during WWI)
Innocence (Mademoiselle of a strange boarding school)
Inception (Leonardo's wife and the torment of his dreams)
Dark Knight Rises (a very wealthy environmentalist, opposite Christian Bale)
Big Fish (wife of Billy Crudup and daughter in law of Albert Finney)
Midnight in Paris (Adriana, mistress of Picasso, opposite Owen Wilson)
Public Enemies (Billie Frechette, lover of Dillinger)
A Good Year (French café owner, opposite wealthy English trader Russell Crowe)
Contagion (a doctor fighting an epidemic)
The Real Marion Cotillard:
A Good Year

Rather like Piaf, or the alluring café owner in "A Good Year," Marion chooses to keep her home in her native France.
Acting Style:
French. Though she is one of the sexiest women on film, there is a fierceness about her that comes out of nowhere to supplant the soft coy seductress. So she is perfectly believable as the fierce "bad guy" in "Inception," the screaming alcoholic Piaf, or even the vengeful WWI wife in "A Very Long Engagement."
Bits and Quirks:
Works the eyes like no other; they are the basis for her being able to turn vicious. When coy, works the shoulders and the head tilt and a perfect, soft, melodious voice. More often, though, the voice has a forthright bite, and the head tilt makes it look like she is ready to butt heads.
Great Scenes:
Big Fish

> By Albert Finney's bedside, listening to his stories
> The dinner scene, talking about the Congo


> The love scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio
> The fatal leap

Midnight In Paris

> Meeting Owen Wilson in Gertrude Stein's house
> Going back to the Belle Epoque and Maxim's with Wilson

Dark Knight Rises

> The reveal of her true "identity" to Bruce Wayne
> The escape in the truck and dying

A Very Long Engagement

> The conversation in prison with Audrey Tautou
> Shooting the mirror in the bed
> The murder with the eyeglasses

La Vie En Rose

> The entire movie is one great scene
> The final song
> On stage without sound, showing her ability to act with her hands
> Her audition with Gerard Depardieu, and her debut, being named "Piaf."
> Being discovered by Depardieu while singing in the streets
> The reveal of her lover's dying in a plane crash, after he appeared to her in a dream