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The Maggie Gyllenhaal Bio

The Maggie Gyllenhaal Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Dark Knight / Crazy Heart

"Dark Knight" is a great film and Maggie is central though tertiary, if that, to its success. "Crazy Heart" is a good film and Maggie is definitely as responsible for that as Jeff Bridges is. Her single mom who falls for the alcoholic loser with eyes wide open is more interesting, real and involved than the usual love interest, and is a great foil that actually makes their relationship the best part of the film.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Secretary (Golden Globe-nominated performance as secretary to a sadistic boss, James Spader, who cultivates in her a masochistic streak)

Away We Go (overprotective mother)

The Great New Wonderful (pastry chef in ensemble piece about NYC a year after 9/11)

SherryBaby (Golden Globe-nominated performance as an ex-con trying to keep her young daughter)
Crazy Heart (Oscar-nominated performance as a reporter and single mom opposite Jeff Bridges as an alcoholic western singer)

World Trade Center (wife of firefighter Michael Pena, caught with Nicolas Cage in the collapsed building)

Nanny McPhee Returns (the helpless mom on a farm with the husband off fighting WWI)

Stranger Than Fiction (chef being audited by Will Ferrell)

Dark Knight (Rachel, Bruce Wayne's sort of ex and new squeeze of the D.A., Aaron Eckhart)

Donnie Darko (sister of Donnie, played by real-life brother Jake)

40 Days and 40 Nights
The Real Maggie Gyllenhaal:
Stranger Than Fiction

Well educated, daughter of a film director, attached to the spirit of independent films, Maggie is a bit of a rebel, preferring to make social statements in her films, or rather, to choose films that make statements. In this, she is somewhat like her up-the-system chef who is the perfect foil of the IRS agent, Will Ferrell.
Acting Style:
Sensitive and sexy. Maggie seems fragile sometimes, yet determined. Not afraid to portray often distasteful sexual scenes, she brings a blue-collar, lithe and a sometimes siren quality to the cool sex scenes. She gives off the impression, too, that she wants to get back in bed as soon as possible.
Bits and Quirks:
Scrunched up and stooped shoulders and a strange, casual yet sexy walk. Sometimes pursed lips with a simple straightforward look, but can round up the eyes for a heartfelt, pleading stare. A soft voice, almost whispery sometimes, but gentle. A come hither quality that seems reminiscent of a thirties star.
Great Scenes:
Crazy Heart

> Making love to Jeff Bridges
> Not letting Jeff into the house to say he's sorry
> Searching for the lost son
> The "interview" at the end


> Being spanked by boss Spader for having typos
> Trying to get him to spank her again
> Resorting to spanking herself while masturbating
> Waiting for Spader to return with her hands on the desk
> The bathing scene at the end with Spader


> Having dinner with Aaron Eckhart and Christian Bale
> The cocktail party fundraiser
> Being kidnapped by Joker Heath Ledger

Nanny Mcphee Returns

> Running after Nanny in the end
> The scene with the bomb and the bird
> Almost signing the farm over and missing the pen
> Arriving at the shop with Maggie Smith
> The picnic

Stranger Than Fiction

> Confronting Will Ferrell in her shop when he's come to audit her
> Handing him all the receipts
> Giving Ferrell a pastry