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The Liam Neeson Bio

The Liam Neeson Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Schindler's List

Not a tough choice, though Neeson has made both remarkable contributions to many films, his singular performance in this most brilliant of films deserves much, much more than his Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Suspect (a deaf-mute on trial for murder and defended by Cher)
Nell (a doctor trying to help Jodie Foster as a woman living in isolation)
Kinsey (the famed sex researcher trying to help everyone living in isolation)
Before & After (opposite Meryl Streep as a father who defends his son, accused of murder)
Love Actually (a guy trying to overcome an awkward time with his stepson)
Michael Collins (famed Irish revolutionary)
Husbands and Wives (mixed up in Woody Allen's cross-pollination) 
Darkman (title role of a scientist superhero out for revenge)
Taken (a father and ex-CIA agent out to get the idiots who kidnapped his daughter)
Batman Begins (Bruce Wayne's teacher, out for revenge against his pupil)
Kingdom of Heaven (a Crusades warrior)
Gangs of New York (Leonardo's father)
Star Wars, Episode I (Qui Gon Jinn, teacher of Obi Wan)
Les Miserables (Jean Valjean)
Rob Roy (the title character) 
The Real Liam Neeson:
Michael Collins/Star Wars

Destiny kept him from being a boxer or a teacher, two of his first loves, though he exudes the determination, bearing and intelligence of these two – and many other – roles.
Acting Style:
Quiet and powerful. Though Neeson's soft Irish lilt and classical features seem Shakespearean, they serve him more in juxtaposition to a powerful presence in very, very determined roles. His heroic figures are often graced with subtle overtones that suggest cunning and skill as much or more than pure muscle. (He actually preached that basic dictum in the intriguing "Batman Begins.")
Bits and Quirks:
Rarely, but effectively opens up from his usual tightly controlled manner, to a hugely wide grin and wide eyes. Usually, quite the opposite, with a physical stiffness that seems like he's suffered from a back injury. Tight-lipped and tightly fierce eyes to go with it. Does a great angry speech with soft clipped words.
Great Scenes:

> On the phone with the kidnappers, promising them he will find them
> Breaking into the whorehouse at the construction site
> The auction scene

Batman Begins

> Finding Bruce Wayne
> Training scenes
> The fire scene in the temple
> The fire scene at Wayne Manor

Star Wars

> The light-saber battles, particularly with the Sith
> Before the Jedi Council

Schindler's List

> Crying about not saving enough people
> Meetings with the Nazis, particularly negotiating with Ralph Fiennes
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