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The Kirsten Dunst Bio

The Kirsten Dunst Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:


There are quite a few very good sweet and sexy performances by Kirsten that help make the success of the films, particularly "Elizabethtown" and "Marie Antoinette." Her yearning for Tobey Maguire, her quietly comparing him to her fiancé or her boyfriends, her disappointment as Tobey apparently can't focus on her triumphs, and her just being more than the girl who is rescued, make for the perfect chemistry that has made this one of the best Marvel films. In "Eternal Sunshine," she reflects the strange relationship of Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in her own desire for Tom Wilkinson, but it would be reaching to claim she contributed greatly to its success.
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Mona Lisa Smile (reluctant art student of Julia Roberts)
Elizabethtown (a flight attendant dead set on saving Orlando Bloom)
Bring It On (cheerleading in a big contest)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (girl next door in a beauty contest)
Crazy/Beautiful (rich girl falls for poor Jay Hernandez)
All Good Things (poor girl falls for rich Ryan Gosling)
The Cat's Meow (Marion Davies)
True Heart (a teenager who must learn to survive in the woods)
Get Over It (teen tutor of Ben Foster)
Dick (Nixon's teenage Checkers-walker who decides to do him in)
Spiderman (Mary Jane)
Marie Antoinette (the misunderstood queen)
Interview with the Vampire (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a pre-teen vampire)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (assistant to Tom Wilkinson, the mind eraser)
The Virgin Suicides (the not so virginal sister)
Jumanji (the young game player, with Robin Williams)
Little Women (Amy, the youngest sister)
The Real Kirsten Dunst:

There are those who would want to say "Marie Antoinette," and maybe they'd be right. Every movie star is ipso facto a misunderstood princess/queen, though. A stranger in a strange land. A regal head-turner. A political master. But, "Elizabethtown" shows the true life-giving, hard-caring, loving presence that, if it's not real, it's certainly real on film.
Acting Style:
Girl next door, but quirkier, deeper, smarter, more complex, with moods.
Bits and Quirks:
Works those dimples, you bet. Often adds a little bob of the head. Plays young and innocent with just a smile. There's the puppy dog look that evolves into a soft, mournful tone. The long contemplative stare. Good at showing troubled intensity without losing a certain aplomb. Great laugh and giggle.
Great Scenes:

> Sex scenes with Jay Hernandez
> The dance

Marie Antoinette

> Making the transition at the border
> Meeting Jason
> Running the gauntlet of disapproving courtiers
> Getting ready in the morning ritual with the maids in waiting
> Seducing the King (finally)
> The extended dressing scene as one lady after another enters.


> Kissing an upside-down Spiderman
> Trying to kiss an upside down fiancé
> Running away from the wedding
> In the café, true confessions interrupted by a car coming through the window
> Having the little conversations with Tobey in the back of their houses
> Appearing on Broadway


> The road trip with the surprise at the end
> The extended cell-phone conversation with Orlando, ending in their meeting

Mona Lisa Smile

> "Threatening" Julia Roberts
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