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The Kevin Bacon Bio

The Kevin Bacon Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:


Kevin and his brother have a band and have released a few albums, so it's not a stretch to imagine that this seminal modern-film-musical role expresses the musically inclined star, and an energy that seems suppressed in so many of his roles.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Taking Chance (SAG and Golden Globe-winning performance as a Marine colonel accompanying home the body of a 19-year-old soldier killed in Iraq)
Murder in the First (SAG-nominated performance as an Alcatraz inmate driven to madness at his cruel treatment)
Tremors (handyman trying not to be eaten by giant underground worms, in a funny horror movie)
The Big Picture (a boy wonder movie director)
My Dog Skip (Frankie Muniz's gruff father)
Stir of Echoes (a guy suffering from post-hypnotic suggestions)
Picture Perfect (ad guy in romantic comedy opposite Jennifer Aniston)
Telling Lies in America (a popular deejay taking kickbacks)
The Woodsman (just out of prison for twelve years for being a child molester)
Where the Truth Lies (revisiting the scandal that caused the breakup of his and Colin Firth's famous comedy act)
Intensely, Psychotically, Bad Dude:
River Wild (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a psycho killer on whitewater)
The Hollow Man (the title scientist gone mad and homicidal)
Woodsman (pedophile)
Frost/Nixon (Jack Brennan, Nixon's aide and post-resignation chief of staff)
Mystic River (investigating a murder surrounding childhood pals Sean Penn and Tim Robbins)
Apollo 13 (astronaut Jack Swigert, as part of a SAG-winning cast)
A Few Good Men (the prosecuting attorney, opposite Tom Cruise and Demi Moore)
Diner (one of several Baltimore buddies in their twenties, still resisting responsibility)
Footloose (the city kid waking up the kids of a repressed small town)
Animal House (pledge of the Nazi fraternity)
Flatliners (with Kiefer, Julia and William Baldwin, a med school having controlled near-death experiences)
Wild Things (detective investigating charges of rape)
Beauty Shop (the owner of the rival shop to Queen Latifah's)
Sleepers (Reform school guard who beat and raped inmates)
The Real Kevin Bacon:
Except for "Footloose" and possibly "Mystic River," Bacon's best films are ones in which his role is supporting at best. The best of his lead roles also includes "Flatliners."
Acting Style:
Unfortunately, the idiotic "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" has adversely affected Bacon, making his fame a character in itself, and making it harder for Bacon to play characters other than himself. So, instead of playing the crazy-leer characters or even ones who are just a little off, he's stuck himself in too-straight roles, making him one of the more handsome character actors on the scene.
Bits and Quirks:
One of the best sardonic laughs in the business, usually accompanied by his squinty twinkling eyes, and a sideways grin. Sometimes a little head shake. Uses cigarettes with a cavalier quality. Conveys the psycho with just his eyes, but often uses a neutral (not gritting) mouth to help. Stiff walk, often with a bit of a slouch.
Great Scenes:
Animal House

> Getting spanked in the fraternity initiation, he says, "Thank you, sir. May I have another."
> Gets trampled by crowd at the parade

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

> Races with Steve Martin for a cab


> Dancing in the warehouse
> Teaching Chris Penn to dance


> The heart to heart with Nixon backstage in the midst of the final taping
> Trying to stop the taping


> The classic talk scenes in the Diner
> Breaking the glass


> The "near-death" hallucinations

Apollo 13

> The sequence of planning to get back into Earth's atmosphere

Mystic River

> Trying to keep Sean Penn from the murder scene
> Discussing their childhood with Penn
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