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The Julianne Moore Bio

The Julianne Moore Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Hours

Her contribution to the eccentricity of "The Big Lebowski" was key, and her powerful woman opposite an initially helpless Clive Owen gave meaning to the whole futuristic tableau of "Children of Men." Truly, though, nobody would have been able to pull off Laura Brown with anywhere near the complexity and richness and honesty as Julianne Moore.

Award-Calibre Performances:
The Hours (Oscar-nominated performance as a '50s housewife whose desperate life parallels Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway)
Far from Heaven (Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated performance as a desperate '50s housewife coping with a gay husband and her own attraction to the gardener)
A Single Man (Golden Globe-nominated performance opposite Colin Firth as a gay professor contemplating suicide)
The End of the Affair (Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated performance opposite Ralph
Fiennes and Stephen Rea in a romantic triangle)
Boogie Nights (Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated performance as a maternal porn star)
Magnolia (SAG-nominated performance as the wife of a cancer-ridden Jason Robards)
An Ideal Husband (Golden Globe-nominated performance as Mrs. Cheveley, who threatens to reveal a secret that would ruin politician Jeremy Northam's career)
Short Cuts (a bickering wife in the Golden Globe-winning cast)
Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Kids are All Right (lesbian wife of Annette Bening)
I'm Not There (a folk singer, based on Joan Baez)
The Shipping News (Newfoundland mom, opposite Kevin Spacey)
A Map of the World (with Sigourney Weaver and David Straithairn, a woman whose child drowns)
The Myth of Fingerprints (art gallery owner, home for Thanksgiving)
Safe (a woman plagued with an inexplicable illness)
Benny and Joon
Nine Months (pregnant enough to scare off Hugh Grant, the father)
Cookie's Fortune (part of Altman's ensemble of a Southern family)
Forgotten (a woman trying to prove she's sane)
The Big Lebowski (a crazy artist)
Children of Men (opposite Clive Owen, a guerilla fighter trying to save humanity)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park (a scientist, opposite Jeff Goldblum)
Hannibal (Clarice Starling, in the sequel to "Silence of the Lambs")
Next (FBI agent enlisting psychic Nick Cage's help to find a nuclear bomb)
The Fugitive
The Real Julianne Moore:
The mom films ...

Even "The Kids Are All Right," though she prefers men. Julianne Moore loves being a mom so much that she wrote a children's book.
Acting Style:
Soft and deep. Though she seems to be the go-to woman to play deeply desperately unhappy women, there's clearly "Moore" to Julianne than that. She conveys a deep, contemplative, serious woman as well as Streep, and she's a whole lot prettier. Possibly because of her complexion, she often does seem about to cry. She works the silence better than any actor.
Bits and Quirks:
The above-mentioned silence, coupled with a very soft voice. When playing tough, sticks out her chin and puts her hands on her waist. Works that awesome hair, but pulls it back when the going gets tough. Great stare, which is good for all those quiet times. Works the sexy, too, though it's a mystery where it comes from. Poof, it's just there. Does the lip puff when thinking or confronting.
Great Scenes:
The Hours

> Quasi-confession to Meryl Streep, "I chose life" on abandoning her kids

The Kids are All Right

> Sex scenes with Mark Ruffalo as Paul, the "sperm donor"
> Sex with Annette Bening
> Dinner scene with Paul
> Speech to the family in front of the TV

Children of Men

> Kidnapping her ex-husband, Clive Owen
> Recruiting Clive for a special job
> Escaping in the car and the ambush
> The reveal of the pregnant woman

The Big Lebowski

> Making her "art" with Jeff Bridges


> Interviewing the casino guy, watching the tape
> The landslide, challenging Cage to save her
> Tracking down the terrorists in the warehouse

The Shipping News

> Beautiful series of mellow encounters with Kevin Spacey, particularly kissing in the doorway as the freezing rain shoots in horizontally


> Screaming at the pharmacists

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