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The John Goodman Bio

The John Goodman Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Big Lebowski

"Lebowski" is good as any of the Coen Brothers' stunning films, and one whose success is due to the bizarre chemistry of Goodman, Buscemi, and Bridges.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Babe (Babe Ruth)
Arachnophobia (an exterminator)
Sea of Love (detective, with Al Pacino)
Always (aerial firefighter, with Richard Dreyfuss)
The Big Easy (a detective, with Dennis Quaid)
In the Electric Mist (small-town gangster)
Bringing Out the Dead (a paramedic, with Nicolas Cage and Ving Rhames)
The Jack Bull (an old west judge, with John Cusack)
Fallen (detective, with Denzel Washington)
One Night at McCool's (a detective)
Evan Almighty (a crooked Congressman)
King Ralph (the last guy you'd ever think would be king of England)
The Borrowers (the bad guy developer)
Revenge of the Nerds
Flintstones (Fred Flintstone)
Blues Brothers 2000 (Belushi's replacement)
The Coen Brothers' Goodman:
Barton Fink (Golden Globe-nominated performance as a psycho traveling salesman in the room next to John Turturro)
The Big Lebowski (a psycho bowler, with Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (a Bible salesman)
Raising Arizona (ex-con and "friend" to Nicolas Cage)
The Hudsucker Proxy (newsreel announcer)
The Real John Goodman:

Funny, unassuming, down to earth, the landmark sitcom used Goodman for far more than Barr's straight man. Because he is a comic actor and she is, well, Roseanne, the show relied on his skills to be the true middle American, to ground the show in more than a succession of bits.
Acting Style:
Your big Southern buddy. Outside of his unique work for the Coen Brothers, because of his size and his baby face, Goodman has been regularly cast as the comic villain, the buddy, or the fellow detective. Also, some of his best work is voice-over for cartoons, most notably as Sully for Pixar's "Monsters, Inc.," definitely his best film (again, outside of the Coen oeuvre).
Bits and Quirks:
Works the juxtaposition of his sweet face with his bulk for excellent comic effect. A funky strut with an arched back. An exaggerated fat-man's waddle. A comically mean expression in a variety of poses. Scrunched up eyes with pursed lips. Intense gaze with calm mouth. Works the smile, too, both evil and genuine.
Great Scenes:

> The showdown with the spiders
> Spraying acid on the house, as it melts away

The Big Lebowski

> Spreading Buscemi's ashes, which blow back in his face
> The bowling scenes, particularly where he pulls a gun on another bowler for stepping over the line
> The bowling alley, with John Turturro, as Jesus
> Screwing up the money drop for the kidnappers
> Bashing the Corvette with the tire iron
> Throwing the Big Lebowski out of the wheelchair
> The fight with the German nihilists in the bowling alley parking lot

In the Electric Mist

> In the pool and afterward talking to Tommy Lee Jones
> In the café as Jones has his limo towed

Evan Almighty

> Being attacked by the animals
> Watching Steve Carell as the birds fly in his office

King Ralph

> The speech before Parliament
> The good-bye with Peter O'Toole

Raising Arizona

> Taking care of "Gale Jr.," the kidnapped baby.
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