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The Jim Sturgess Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

Across the Universe

Fifty Dead Men Walking is brilliant, and 21 is an exceedingly fun movie, but Across the Universe is a masterpiece that relies mostly on Sturgess's being able to channel the innocence and beauty and hopefulness - and the great voice - of the Beatles.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
Fifty Dead Men Walking (in a true story, an Irishman inside the IRA working for the British and Sir Ben Kingsley)

Across the Universe (Liverpudlian Jude in the magnificent musical tribute to the Beatles)

The Way Back (escapee from WWII Siberian gulag, with Ed Harris and Colin Farrell)

Heartless (makes a deal with demons to get rid of the birthmark on his face in exchange for doing evil deeds)

The Other Boleyn Girl (the Boleyn boy)

One Day (meets with Anne Hathaway every July 15 for twenty years)
21 (Math genius sucked up into Vegas gambling group headed by Kevin Spacey)
The Real Jim Sturgess:
Across the Universe >

Sturgess is a professional musician with a band, and writes songs that have been in his other films.
Acting Style:
Earnest. Even in the big lie of "21," Sturgess was earnest, naïve and empathetic, and fetchingly serious. Making great choices for a young actor, he shies from the big pictures, and instead does rock solid jobs in a series of indies.
Bits and Quirks:
The voice. Its nasal qualities are charming even when his accent is so heavy you can't understand it. The intense, earnest stare. Likewise, a powerful, angry scowl. Does anger about as well as anyone - not crazy Malkovich anger, but real, normal intense anger. Sometimes he seems like he'll cry in frustration.
Great Scenes:

> The interview with the admissions director at the end
> The bait and switch with Kevin Spacey at the end and then the surprise with Laurence Fishburne
> Waking up in his dorm room and asking for room service
> Doing complicated math in his head at the clothing store
> Freaking out and losing
> In the torture chamber with Fishburne
> In Kevin Spacey's class

One Day

> With his dying mother, hearing her say she is disappointed in him
> Skinny dipping with Anne Hathaway and getting his clothes stolen
> Watching tv with his dad at the end
> Climbing the hill with his daughter at the very end

Across The Universe

> (every scene, but these are the ones that feature Sturgess) Singing on the top of the building
> Drawing the face of Lucy on the wall
> Psychedelic bus trip
> The famous bowling alley scene
> Strawberry Fields and his painting
> The beach and singing Girl

50 Dead Men Walking

> Having to shoot the prisoner
> Standing up to the torturers and jumping out the window
> The angry conversation with Sir Ben about innocent men dying
> Almost being arrested when he gives Ben's number to the policeman