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The Jessica Biel Bio

The Jessica Biel Review –

by Nate Lee

Best Film:

The Illusionist

After quite a few pretty good performances in mediocre to okay films, Biel is wonderful in this soft and mysterious film about a turn-of-the-century magician. Edward Norton harbors a crush for Biel, his childhood sweetheart, even though she has become engaged to a corrupt prince.

Great Performances You May Not Have Seen:
The Illusionist (Edward Norton's love)
Powder Blue (Ray Liotta's daughter on Christmas eve reunion)
Easy Virtue (a freewheeling '20s American woman marrying in to an upper-crust stodgy British family)
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (Attorney and temptation for Adam Sandler)
Blade: trinity
The Real Jessica Biel:
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Jessica's lawyer defending Chuck and Larry is smart, completely down to earth and unpretentious with seemingly no hang-ups and is still sensitive. Though she isn't as macho as Jessica usually is, she isn't as aggressive either. So, if this isn't the real Jessica, it's the one we would want her to be. Of course, this is written just as she has signed on to play Wonder Woman, which just may be the Real Biel.
Acting Style:
Macho beauty. Jessica has successfully disavowed her "Seventh Heaven" stretch on TV to be the kind of sex symbol you could have a beer with; one who would enjoy your crass jokes and have her own collection as well.

She can be the aggressive girlfriend of "Cellular" or "Elizabethtown," but she seems to work better when she's the natural athlete next door, the macho gal pal of "Stealth," "Next" and even "Blade."

But it is the kind of role that she pulled off in "The Illusionist," magnificently regal yet still independent, that we most appreciate and are most looking forward to seeing next time.
Bits and Quirks:
She has a funky slouch that seems almost too masculine. A way of squatting her neck to make herself seem less attractive. That and hairstyles that accentuate her round face help her to be something other than one of the sexiest women in film. She also has a pose that looks like she's about to punch someone in the nose.
Great Scenes:
The Illusionist

> Pretending to be dead
> Confronting the Prince
> Being part of the illusion from the dead.
> Meeting with Norton in the carriage.

Chuck and Larry

> She practically makes Adam Sandler feel her up.
> At the gay ball with her clients.

> The different versions of meeting Nick Cage
> In the car with Cage.
> Strapped with a bomb to the chair.


> The surprise fight scene in the subway: "scream if this hurts."


> In a golf cart, driving Orlando Bloom to his reckoning with shoe magnate Alec Baldwin.
Movies Jessica Biel Probably Wishes She Didn't Do:
Summer Catch
The Rules of Attraction
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